Nov 28 2019

Nothing much happened to me. Life went on like a boring breeze. My sleep has become better and I have cut down on cigarettes. I listened to a Facebook video by Joyce Carol Oates on the art of writing. Though very short, it was very interesting. A writer has to think and feel all the unsaid—the inner consciousness of the mind. A writer’s consciousness is very special. A writer is a person who is very sensitive. When overcome with feeling, when in the emotional cauldron of the mind, the first steps of planting the writing begins.
I had a strange dream. In it I was having intercourse with my wife. It’s not something to wonder about as my sex life is rather starved. Yes Freud is right; dreams are wish-fulfillment of desires.


Reddy is an upper caste name for a person from Hyderabad. This Reddy I encountered was a recruitment agent and he was recruiting teachers to Maldives. He sent me an invitation letter to attend the face to face interview. When I asked him if there are charges: he said yes: ‘one month’s salary and 18% taxes’. I felt sad and staggered. Isn’t he a cheat making money by doing nothing? Are all Reddys like him? I don’t know.

The Lottery Machine

It was a machine that picked the draws for the Lottery. Someone said that mind can influence matter and others said chanting mantras would be enough. So I tried hocuspockusabracadabra but nothing came out of it. Then I tried the law of attraction and then again it met with misfortune. Then I tried programming my subconscious mind and again it was of no avail. I felt like an ironic bum. Lottery, you burn a hole in my pocket.