For the Kurds

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Dispossessed and homeless—
Being pounded with mortar
And clay……..
Let the melody of
Freedom ring in your ears….
You deserve the right
To a homeland…..
Cruel men have
Swollen you as gladiators .
You are persecuted in Jails of
Prison …..
Wail a poem of lamentation…
Let’s make you free nation.

For Mignonette

As I view you,
The heart of
Romance awakens
Like a new song
Of morn ……..
You are embraced
And hugged in
Love’s sweet passion…..
Let’s remain
Kissed like
Lyre being strung,
Let our lips
Burst out
As flowers….
The garden
Of our bodies
And sing
Melodious tunes.

For Tibet Uyghur and Hong King

Oh Fascist Fang of China,
Your obeisance
To communism
Is trite hypocrisy………
Look at how
You poison
Your people –
The Tibetans
The Uyghurs
And Hong Kong
You don’t have
The breath to
Unlock their chains
And make them
Free democracies ……
Your massacre
Their people,
You loud mouth
Their cultures…
You venom of
Let these regions
Have their homeland and
Experience democracy’s
Heart and soul

Oct 12th 2019

Today was a smooth day sailing. The school had sports and I was relatively free. I was thinking about the story of creation of Adam and Eve. If Adam was made from the earth his body must be made of clay. But the human body is made up of skin and flesh. Similarly the Bible tells us that Adam’s wife Eve was made from Adam’s rib. That means all men should have one rib less.

I took some time do research on the God of the Masons. The Masons have a God: Jabolon. Ja is pronounced as YA being a short from attribute of Jehovah. Masonic scholars attribute Ba to God Baal a Chaldean deity, and /on/ being attributed to a Phoenician God. I am wondering if this entity will serve as talisman to boost my money status. But nothing of that sort has happened and in the end I had only torn lottery tickets.

Is the story of creation a fable? Is it an allegory? It is perplexing as to why God created the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil and to why God imposed a taboo. What did Adam and Eve experience after eating from the tree? They felt ashamed of their nudity. The consciousness of sex took birth in their minds. It is moot to ask whether sexuality is something that is awkward.

Will and Sovereignty

I would like to state an opinion on both Will and Sovereignty. Will is the embodiment of the human mind to think and make a rational decision. Will can be collective or individualistic. A collective will is the ethos of the making of a democracy. What is sovereignty? It refers to a nation being externally independent and internally supreme. In the present Geo-political scenario we find a lot of nations with conflicts of the collective will and sovereignty. Some nations use brutal force and the adverse result is violence and terrorism. What should be done when there is conflict between the collective will and the sovereign? Nations should leave it the will of the people through a referendum or a plebiscite.