October 11th 2019

There was no class as it was the sports day. I went on to buy stuff for the school canteen. I was on the couch as the day passed by. I don’t know what to write. I was reading the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God blessed all of them with prosperity. Yes it is said in the Bible: Abraham is the grand patriarch of the Semitic Race He had two children, one from Sarah his wife and the other Hagar his maid. God the Great Jehovah blessed them both. Hagar’s son Ishmael became the father of the Muslims and Sarah’s son Isaac became the father of the Jewish race. It’s a mystery as to why the Middle East is splintered politically. Why can’t they be united as Brothers and Sisters? Are Jehovah and Allah separate entities? I don’t have any answers but only questions. It’s interesting to know how God tested Abraham. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his own son. And when Jacob proceeded to sacrifice him, an angel of the Lord said: ‘stop: sacrifice the ram that is entangled in the brook’. The way Jacob cheated his brother and father also caught my attention. Jacob took the birth right of his brother from his father. He might have been punished by God to mourn for his son Joseph whom the brothers sold to the Egyptians. However God was merciful and the Jacob in the end of his life was united with Jacob.

Quick Wick Fix it Christian

Quick Wick Fit it Christian read the Bible with thorough devotion. He was fond of the prosperity and fame theology offered by the Bible. Some of the verses which fascinated him are: ‘I will give you the treasures of darkness and the wealth of secret hidden places so that you will know that I am the Lord God of Israel who has called you by your name.’ Another verse goes on: I will give you the continents as a gift and the nations as a present.’ Again another one ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added on to you’. Again it says in the scripture: ‘ask and it shall be given: seek and you will find: knock and it will be opened’. Quick Fix It Christian thought that if he memorizes these verses and chant them daily he will get his reward. Unfortunately for Quick Fix It Christian nothing supernatural has taken place and he is forced to live a miserable life in a stupid head and an ironic body. For him life is a slum.