Assorted Drabble

He used to romp hotels and he used to read notices stuck on the notice board. Some where: Banquet for Jacob and Susan: Getting married on Thursday, Christening ceremony banquet for child Maria and so on. Luck was with him for a time. He used to have s sumptuous party free. For him, he believed that there is a free lunch for all. One day while doing the same thing, he was caught. He was caught on the scruff of the collar and asked bluntly: whose relative he was. He was kicked out the party. Yes one can’t be liars all the time.

Faction Fiction
For the H-democracy, the state K is a fixed entity. During partition era of nations into H and L, K was absorbed by subterfuge and made a state in H democracy. People of State K are the followers of the Prophet. The meddling nation of L was cautioned with dire consequences if continued. Nation C—the republic voices its opinion in favor of nation L. Why can’t the people of K state choose what they want by holding a plebiscite? Why can’t nation H the followers of Cattle accede to their demands?

A Strange Custom
This is a strange custom of Kananaya Christians of Kerala. The Kananaya Christians are one of the oldest sects. During the engagement ceremony the bride’s party has to offer a Chicken and the bridegroom’s party have to break its thigh and eat it. This is considered auspicious.