Oct 4th 2019

I could not write anything yesterday as I was accompanying children to an entertainment part called Wonder LA. Wonder La is an offspring of Masstainment of which I have no aficionado. Culturally speaking I am fond of the higher arts, especially reading Literature, attending literary symposiums, going on a cruise and all that. My vocation as teacher makes me a tight bottle always wanting to please my employers and kids. I did not take part in the rides of the amusement park as I have no passion to experience G-Forces. We were welcomed by a dwarf who dressed himself as a clown. I became so sad when I saw it. He is making a life on the stage of drama. The children were all excited and enthusiastic. There were two kinds of rides: dry rides and wet rides. Looking at the roller coaster ride: one could hear screaming participating kids. Are they doing it out fear or our out of excitement? I think both. As I was watching them, I was reading my favorite: literary fiction. One becomes fed up of the noise. Some puke when they go on rides. There was a ride called twin flip monster, a real frightening one. Again I watched children wailing out of joy and fear. There is a ride called a monster lift, which took you up very high and lowered you down in break neck speed. I spend my time watching my wards carefully while reading my book. All the kids had a wonderful time.

I dream of spending my time in famous art-galleries, going on cruises, attending literary seminars and that’s what I decide as aesthetic appearances.