The Astrologer

He was bent on hoodwinking people. All he did was to shift the reading from one star to another. No one noticed it. There’s an other who keeps flooding my mail box with succulent offers. I am wondering, if they knew the prosperity principle in their lives why do they have to have astrology as a profession.

A Strange Dream

Today I had a strange dream. In the dream I was fondling a vagina. I searched the dream dictionary but I was perplexed as they gave more than one meaning. One text said: I have a poor sexual life. I smiled vexated. The second text said: it was a lack of self confidence which troubled me all the more. The third interpretation was: good things are going to happen on one’s life. I took the third pick.

Assorted Poems

The sky’s
The rhythms
Of blues and Jazz—
Rain a festival
Of the Heart—
A dialogue
With the soul—
An incantation
For the ears—
Singing now
The sweetest
Songs of the Earth.

Fragrant poems
I plant on your
Lips and Cheeks—
Let me kiss
Your petals
Like a wandering
Let’s play the
Song of melodies
With our bodies—
Let’s ignite all
With Ecstasy.

Ode to Psyche
You –
Flight’s ornament,
A delicious cuisine
On wings—
A blooming
Buddha of Nirvana—
Your wings are
Haute Couture—
You are sinking
Into a flower
With meditative
Off you are now
With a ray of hope
In my heart.

Ode to Jehovah Jesus
Though art
Oh God—
All sovereign—
My words
Not sufficient
To praise thee—
Your wonderful
Works abound
In my life—
You gave me
Back my son
Who was sick
And dying,
Who would
Have perished
On Hells wings –
Abba Father,
I sing you
Praises of Joy.

Parchment of thoughts

Let the nets of fortune be cast into the sea of luck. My body is the opium of passion. The soul is deviant art. Novelty is the virtue of liberty. Sovereignty is the collective will of the people. Destiny is the positive projection and optimism of making the future a reality. Karma is the paradox of making choices. Time: listen to the strings of hope. Character and kindness are the twin aims reality. For a democracy to be liberal—the voice of dissent should be permissive. Though I have failed many a time, I am willing to climb the ladder of success. Thought: give me the power to make things into a reality of happening. The parliament is the synagogue of democracy. Oil—you are Semitic in abundance. Free worries from the prison of the soul. The family is the basic unit of a harmonious society. Beauty is the in-thing of life. There is a wind of hope in the storm of desire. Don’t mutilate someone with the poison of words. Archetypes you live in the imagination of the mind. I am an alter-ego of many people. Truth is not a regime of virtue but a character to be lived. The autopsy of the unconscious reveals the darkest desires of humanity. Literature is the art of music in words. Love not beauty: love character. The mind is rational: but feelings are devoted to passion. Conquer reason with the fruit of the intellect. The existential philosophies were too much obsessed with Nihilism but life is precious and carries an aim and purpose. I live existentialism with the preciousness. The end and beginning of the universe is God. The value of life is a moral one. In times of woe: cry out to God. Fame and Money you are beasts of desire. Temptation you are the arm of the Devil; leave me alone; don’t grasp me. The Messianic came to this world as human and lived on earth as the son of God. Voice of desire: hear me and satiate me to the brim. The occult theology is that of a pagan God, a God of lies. The meek are wise and the arrogant are foolish. Victory is the stepping stone of failure. Let your consciousness be immersed with the vocabulary of positive thoughts. The proverb to live a good life is to be in tune with nature. Forget the past; live the present and anticipate the future.


It lies in my pocket. I became fascinated by its symbolism the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. The All Seeing Eye has a halo—the Sun and the Unfinished Pyramid has semblances of Egyptian Occult. I don’t know why I kept it in my pocket but I did! Many a time I used to buy it with Indian Rupees and save it in my pocket. I seriously thought that it will fetch me luck. Then I end up burning it. Some attribute it to the Masons and the Illuminati. I am not sure. But the halo of the Sun around the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid all bear occult significance. I don’t want to have anything in my purse which is deviant from the God (Jehovah Jesus) I worship. Today I burnt one single bill and I feel much happier. Yes, Good Days are soon to come.

Mystic Realism A New Genre of Poetry

I want to humbly introduce a new genre of poetry called Mystic Realism. What is mystic realism in a nutshell? In mystic realism, images are romanticized as tropes and then adorned with transcendental meaning. There are two elements, the signifier and the signified. The signifier is the romantic image conveyed through tropes and the signified is the spiritual idea.

I would like to use some examples to explicate it.

The Brook bubbled in spiritual music. Here the Brook is being conveyed through the image of music and the idea signified is spiritual.
Lovers conveyed their romance through holding each other as psalms. Here romance is the image and psalms the idea.

The storm wept in grief. Here the imagery is wept and grief the idea.
Flock the sky as music; listen to their feathers in odes of joy.
Eternity flies as Saints in white: unveiling time on mystic flight. Saints here are white storks. The metaphysical element inherent in this verse is eternity.
Brook of beauty running through: gurgling salvation all the way through. Salvation is an idea inherent in religions. Gurgling is the physical tangible visual element.

Swaying pebbles glistening Karmic odes, life and death meanders pilgrimage blues. Pebbles are something which is tangible and life and birth is an idea of reincarnation in Hindu philosophy.

The waves frolicked in joy. Frolicked is the visual imagery and joy is the idea.
A lover hides in beauty’s deep feathers. Passion is the riddle of the body. Adultery I have sung you as a lyrical poem. A dog howling is a deathly hell. Poems crescendo in the sky. Psyche you are an ornament, a poet’s beauty; there you remain perched as poem on a flower so sweet. Psyche you marvel—you are the heart of desire. The lovers are passionate flowers. I soaked her fonts and she whimpered in ecstasy. Luck you are Cinderella’s shoes for me. The ornament of poetry is the heart of desire. Feelings are a rainbow of imagination. We trembled like rivers in frenzy. Passion, you are the echoes of the heart’s desire. Swim in a river of luck. I played with the fonts of imagination. A heartbeat is similar to the oceanic. She was a Medusa of selfishness. My shepherd’s crook is a pen. The lamp of a lamb that was slain on Calvary was Jesus the son of God. The sky became an angry warrior of pink light. The drama of life is unlike that of the stage.