Assorted Drabble

My Significant Other
I met my significant other, a US Woman from a dating site. It was love at first sight. She wanted to come to Kerala to visit me. She asked me to search a rented place to stay. I went to a rental dealer’s place. He looked at me and frowned and said: we give the place only for families. Then I consulted my friend: he told me if I stay in hotel, the cops will go berserk on me. Little did he know that the Indian Penal Code supported consensual sex. I wonder when it comes to a live in relationship people of Kerala are so conservative. My friend directed me to an apartment. They will give me a go tomorrow. I am waiting with crossed fingers.

Bank Heist
I submitted my lottery ticket to the Bank telling them I won the First Prize. Lotteries with the First Prize have to be claimed from Banks. I took a loan and cheated the bank.

Mr. Mode
Mr. Mode was the Prime Minister of the World’s Largest Democracy Y. He is a H-Fanatic of Religion. Recently he connived a very big business deal with F Country. The deal involved the selling of military aircraft to country Y. Champagne flowed with religious vigor into Mr. Mode’s Mouth. Cabaret dances felicitated him and took him to bed. He sold Y’s defense to the private sector.

The Sacred Groove
It was a Banyan tree. During night lamps were placed at the base of the tree and they were lit. A man went around the tree chanting mantras. I wonder as to how trees can be sacred. I smiled in quixotic irony. Trees blah blah blah. Yes idol worship is so queer.

Country Y

Country Y is a Y fanatic of religion. X—missionaries of the Book, especially in the North are persecuted. They are paraded naked on the streets. They are put in Jail. False charges are put on them. Sad to say, a Y fanatic is the head of the State of country Y.

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