Assorted Drabble

The Author

The author was at Cochin Airport. Suddenly he watched all the people getting up. Whoa Whoa it’s me at last getting respect as a writer. Wow! Terrific! Suddenly I noticed a man on wheel chair going through the lounge and to my surprise it was OV Vijayan the Maestro of Malayalam Literature. I smiled ironically as a writer of obscurity.

Vellapan’s occupation was to make counterfeit money. His printing was so unique that it was identical to the real notes published. On being grilled by the Police, being physically abused he said if the note bundles are kept in a row, his name will appear on the margins.

Red Tape
I was at the land officer’s office regarding a wanted signature on a lease deed document’s document on a form which was to be submitted to the school’s council. I showed him the original document. He said he needed to see the land document along with the lease deed. There ends my one day gone in waste. The government of Kerala is a real hum bug.

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