September 5th 2019

No nothing new and surprising this day. The day lagged as a couch on bed. Thoughts poured into my mind as a vessel. I feel sad that I am making no winnings for the lottery. Yes, I seek the gentle pleasures of music in a longing body. I am always in thought about visiting famous art galleries, buying books of my favorite authors. I have found the Bible: Message very interesting to read. My soul is very restless. Sometimes I feel that God does not want me and I am far away from him. Why I don’t know? Yes, I want God to forgive me of my iniquity. I want God to have a loving heart. I want a God on whose shoulders I can lean on to. I want a God that’s merciful.

Erotic Melody


Our lips entwined
Pouring saxophones…
We undressed
Like a poem of
Rosaries …
Our bodies
Resounded the
Music of an
Epiphany …
We reached
Our end
Of the journey
Smiling in
Ecstasy …..