The Saxophone….
Blowing gently ….
Touching the
Poetic rhythms of
The heart….
Melodies wake
The soul ….
A pure
Of emotions….
Stir a bubble
Of joy ….
A veil of
Lying deeply
In the stone—
The body ….
A dream
Inside the music …
A poignant thought
Of melancholy

Assorted Drabble

I am seeing a grotto….there are icons of Mary and canonized saints….the candles lit are glowing…. In the center there’s a book table and I saw the Bible with an open page….I was amazingly surprised at this incongruity ….What is surprising is that there is no icon worship in the Holy Scriptures ….

A Nigerian Scam
I got a very strange letter. A person introduced himself as Dominic Richards. He told me that he has read my works and is very impressed and he also said that he was a judge for the Nobel nominating literary clique. However he said I have to pay him 10% as commission in advance. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.