Occult Symbolism of my Signature


Masonic and Illuminati symbolism has fascinated me….yes, the all Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. My asemic signature has evolved through time….I have engulfed it with the Christian esotericism ….Yes, Christ is more valuable than the secret societies. In my signature, there’s the Alpha and the Omega ….the verse in the Bible which says: ‘I am the beginning and the end’ There’s also the cross which means take up the cross and follow me. There’s also the sign of the fish …..again used symbolically for Christians of the early church…Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.


The Saxophone….
Blowing gently ….
Touching the
Poetic rhythms of
The heart….
Melodies wake
The soul ….
A pure
Of emotions….
Stir a bubble
Of joy ….
A veil of
Lying deeply
In the stone—
The body ….
A dream
Inside the music …
A poignant thought
Of melancholy

Assorted Drabble

I am seeing a grotto….there are icons of Mary and canonized saints….the candles lit are glowing…. In the center there’s a book table and I saw the Bible with an open page….I was amazingly surprised at this incongruity ….What is surprising is that there is no icon worship in the Holy Scriptures ….

A Nigerian Scam
I got a very strange letter. A person introduced himself as Dominic Richards. He told me that he has read my works and is very impressed and he also said that he was a judge for the Nobel nominating literary clique. However he said I have to pay him 10% as commission in advance. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.