Assorted Drabble

Assorted Drabble
This is a strange story that I heard. While the Vietnam War was going on a missionary went to Vietnam to preach the gospel. He had a translator. Later on the missionary went back to USA. The translator was arrested for his Christian belief. Feeling all is lost, he began to experience woe. In prison he was asked to clean toilets. While cleaning toilets he came across pages used as toilet paper. To his surprise it was pages from the Bible. He washed the shit of the pages and read the scripture avidly. This comforted him a lot. Later on he was released and he escaped on a boat to Thailand. His papers were ready and he immigrated to USA as a refugee.

This happened when my uncle died. I and my brother in law went to his house to bring the things. At that time it was raining and rain seeped through the door into the kitchen. When we looked into the puddle of water, to our surprise we found an image of Uncle’s face.

While I was reading the psychiatrist Jung’s autobiography: Memories Dreams and Reflections a strange thing happened. I was reading about the alter ego of Jung, an archetype called Philemon. I went to attend a phone call. To my surprise, the candle fell on the book and caught fire. Very large parts of the book were burnt.

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