Comrade Kuttapan

Comrade Kuttapan is a keen Bible Freak and a staunch communist. Quite an incongruity there but doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact, apart being a Communist Party member he is unemployed. He spends his days in the party office discussing of what is going on in Cuba, the last remnant of Communist Rule. Finally the party echelon decided to get him elected as a district party president. Comrade Kuttapan filed his nomination papers. A month before the elections, Comrade Kuttapan was cycling on a narrow road where a group of mobsters attacked and stabbed him to death. Rumors are agog that the Communist party was responsible for it for they wanted to get sympathy votes. Other tales surrounding his death was he was murdered by the thugs of the congress party. Comrade Kuttapan’s murder is an unknown mystery.