July 26th 2019

It was rather a boring day. I, being an English Teacher wonder how to get children interested in Literature. Children are more fascinated by social media and books are dull sauce for them. I was narrating on the Tale of Two Cities but none of them had any interest. I am worried by the fact that my finances are running low. I am having no luck with lotteries. I wonder when the day will come when I can write the whole day without being disturbed. I have reached 49 and I am tired of teaching English to school students. I want to travel to countries and places and I want to write passionately about my experiences Life should be a carnival of joy. Life should be a laxative that bursts out of the soul. Life should be a dream of bringing out happiness. Life should be a mytho-poetic dream. The sweet sensations of the body wake up like flowers. Morning is smelling like cologne. I am drowned in champagne of thought. The body wakes up to the music of joy. My feelings are like a new born babe. I am not drowning in the myth of fear. I am joy with a ship to anchor. I am passion poetry. I have sunk the myth of existence to value and purpose.

From the Bible

These are some quotes I found in the Bible and I found them to be interesting.
‘The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.’ It’s right that the Holy Spirit knows that we will be tempted and we have to overcome temptations.

It says in the Gospel of Mathew 27:25 that ‘let his (Christ) blood be on us and our children’. This is a classic example of a generational curse and this curse bore fruit as the Holocaust. The Bible is very clear that we have to bear caution with what we utter from our mouth.

Jesus was given a crown of thorns to wear, a very dastardly deed. Crown of Thorns as an idiom means a good outcome of a course of action. Let the crown of thorns happen in my life.

Jesus said to them the Pharisees that the temple which breaks down will be built within three days. But they did not understand that Jesus was talking about his own body and its resurrection. Building the temple as an idiom means a miraculous happening. Oh Jehovah: Let Building the temple happen in my life.

Pilate’s Wife
Pilate was the Roman Governor to whom Christ was brought to be punished. At that time Pilate’s wife said to him not to take a responsibility for those actions And Pilate washed his hands and said he will in no way be responsible for that action. Pilate’s wife as an idiom means showing keenness and discernment. We should be Pilot’s Wife.