Colonized VS Decolonized English

Here I am speaking about the mind of Asians, especially South East Asians. They are prejudiced and in international schools only whites from the old English Speaking Countries are welcome to teach English. I am Indian and I feel pathetic when I read the advertisements: ‘Wanted Only Native Teachers from UK USA CANADA NEW ZEALAND to teach English.’ This puts me off. As an Indian I would like to say: that it is 50 years since India has been colonized and Indians speak English with a neutral accent. I am also educationally qualified with a Master of Philosophy in English Literature. I don’t understand why South East Asians are denying me a job because of my color and the fact that I am an Indian. India has produced many talented writers like Tagore the Nobel Laureate and Salman Rushdie and Arundathi Roy who have won the Booker prize for literature. Yes South East Asians are language chauvinists,