God And ART

God and Art
When we start to think of the meaning: what is art: we might end up in ambiguity. Here I would be specific and use the term of art to visual things or paintings. In this article I would like to fuse the various schools of art and relate it all to the most supreme God Jehovah Jesus.

God is the most magnificent realist. With the ethos of skill and with talent of art, he has crafted the universe with the billions of galaxies, the stars and the cosmic black holes. He has created the Heavens and the Earth. He has also created all that flies and all that swims, also all that walk on land and also the depths of the oceans. He has also as an artist he has made man and woman in his own image. After the fall when man became sexually aware of sin, he gave them the beauty of sex to make man and woman united as one fruit. Sex is the most beautiful form of art to be conjugally procreated. In spite of the fallen Adam and Eve, he blessed them with the blessedness of being united as one fruit.

What is impressionism? In art it’s the hazy scattering of colors on the canvas. Where is God standing as an impressionistic artist? The dawn of dawn and dusk with a brilliant display of colors is classic example of heavenly impressionism. The artists have merely copied this from the sky. Yes, Van Gogh’s painting: the scattering of seeds by a farmer comes from the parables told by Jesus. Even Gauguin’s painting where do we come from and where do we go bears the story of the cosmic literature of creation and destiny.

Cubism is associated with the art maestro Picasso. Notable is his Guernica. How can we field God as Cubist. The shapes that the clouds take are abstract and relate to the extravagance of God being a Cubist. God has brilliantly portrayed the sky with fantasy of cubist art.

Surrealism is related to Dali. God has populated the night sky with an adornment of stars that twinkle in the gossip of mirth and that forms a classical example of surrealism. Watching the flowing brook is another example of being in tune with nature. So too we feel a cathartic joy when we see mist rising up from the Hills.

Yes, God Jehovah Jesus is an artist par excellence.

The 1$ Bill


Strange is the conspiracy surrounding the 1$ Bill ….so psychic is its symbolism, especially the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid and the Latin Phrase: ANUIT COPETIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM meaning: let the ages be favorable for our undertakings. Critics are acerbic that the one dollar is satanic. Some attribute it to the Illuminati and the Masons. But we all know that the founders of early America were Christians. The All Seeing Eye comes from the God Almighty who has infinite sight. The Unfinished Pyramid shows infusion of Egyptian culture and is symbolic of country aspiring for perfection. Personally I feel safe when I read what’s written above: IN GOD WE TRUST. That statement is symbolic for my prosperity. I keep a one $ Bill in my pocket. My earnings have not increased but I hope that in future that my financial situation will improve.

God And The Sparrow

God and the Sparrow

It was a poetry of feathers; it was building a home for its loved ones; I watched with marvel at its beak at work; I watched in amazement at the way its beak took leaves, straws and twigs; its completion was poetic music; I marvel at God and his wonderful ways in which God has bequeathed his glory to grant nature with excellence of art. I remember the saying in the Bible: ‘if God can care for the sparrow: how much should he care for you.’

Assorted Drabble

Uncle Thomas
In real life Uncle Thomas worked as an income tax officer. However Uncle Thomas had a fictional entity. He had the flamboyant attitude of writing letters to many presidents and international organizations about world problems and solutions. Sometimes he would get a reply. Most of the times his letter would get no reply. When he gets a reply: he will boast: ‘Ah There’s a letter from the Prime Minister of Israel.’ ‘Here there’s another one from the President of America.’ Uncle Thomas is an example of egoistic highfalutin.

Shamanic Doll
This happened to me while I was working as a teacher in an International School in Jakarta. I was asked by the Principal to invite the UN officer there for the school function. I went to his office and was ushered in. To my strange bewildering surprise, there was a Shamanic doll on his table. It was giving a strange sort of look, quite horrific and with a sly humor. I became so stupefied.

As Abraham’s Descendant
God said to Abraham and to his sons that he will make a great nation out of them. Though I am an Indian, I am a Christian belonging to the tradition which God almighty Jehovah Jesus has promised. I think it’s not wrong for me to be a believer Israelite.

Valerie was a lady teacher who came from England on a teacher exchange programme. Though I was much younger than her, she became fascinated with me not in a platonic sense but in an erotic one. I started writing poems for her. I was with her when she painted the kindergarten classrooms with alphabets and their representations. Once in a hotel, I became drunk and she invited me to passion her on the bed. I was too full of Christian Piety that I ran away from there. Two of my poems which I wrote in calligraphy, she framed it and hung it in her house in England. Later on she invited me to England but my visa got rejected.

Hong Kong

This happened to me while I went for an interview to Hong Kong. I was staying in Kowloon and in the evening I walked outside. I came to a building where a lady was standing out and soliciting customers. When I reached near her: she said ‘come inside son have a drink.’ Here also my Christian virtue prevented me from going inside. Next morning when I walked through the same place she was there. She was waving incense sticks and chanting something esoteric. When she saw me she waved at me and shoed me away. This incident leaves my mind unsettled.