Assorted Drabble

The Bull
My uncle was a priest and exorcist now deceased. When I went to his house I saw a bell with a bull in it. I thought it was a good talisman. But things became bad to worse and I was forced to resign. Now I understand it as being a pagan symbol and I have rebuked its influence on me by the blood of Jesus

The Abracadabra Country
In this country there are three types of followers of religion. One is those who worship idols, another is the followers of the prophet and third, last but not the least the followers of the book. The idolaters have had a massive victory in the elections and slowly they have started persecuting the followers of other religions. They have plans to make the Country Abracadabra into a religious country.

Bangalore Cops
Bangalore cops are tyrannical bastards. While on my flight to Singapore, I reached early and those bastards would not allow me inside. By the time I checked in it was three hours before the flight departs. I consumed too much of Booze. I don’t remember what happened. I assume that they must have pulled my hands with force and as a result the steel in it got displaced. I was in a great deal of pain. They also canceled my departure. It’s a shame that they do not have any concern for humanity. Compared to Singapore Changi airport, Bangalore airport is a stinker. One can drink, smoke without no one coming to trouble you. As a result of their actions, I lost a lucrative job in Indonesia.