Letter of Distraught Lover

I met her in college when I was doing my graduation. At first we went on days and months smiling at each other. Finally I mustered the courage to speak. She came from a remote island in India and her name was Sheeba. We fell in love with each other. She was the most beautiful girl in college. One week-end she suggested that we go out and I was thrilled. We stood near the door while we were traveling. We sweet-talked with each other. After the train came to a halt, she suggested that we go for a movie. I replied yes. While the movie was going on, she offered me her hands and I fondled her palms. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I felt a passionate awakening. After that we used to go out every week end. Kissing her was as beautiful as honey. I got to fondle her shapely breasts. How I loved her. When the college got over she went back. And then I said, I will meet her there. But by the time she came to Kerala and told me to cancel the ticket. I did not! When she came back, she refused to talk to me. I felt sad and pained at her silence. She could have said to me that she was not interested. Disappointed and wearied I caught the next flight to home. I have tried searching for her on the internet, especially at Face book. But my search came to no avail. Then someone told me that she died in an accident. I feel sad and I hope I will be able to meet her in heaven. I wonder why she treated me so cruelly. What have I done to deserve her hatred? I wonder why the world as so unkind to me. I even took her to my parents and they willingly accepted her. Sometimes she visits me in her dreams. Where ever you are, may your soul rest in peace.