Assorted Drabble

I was traveling by car and then I was able to watch a gigantic cut-out about a newspaper and it said: ‘we have increased our readership to millions—we are Kerala’s most trusted newspaper. I wondered amused and thought that the 4th estate is a manufacturing industry giving cud to chew for the masses.

I have wandered across the archipelago of South East Asia. Among the course of wandering I fell in love with many exotic women. I love the clove cigarettes, duck roast, grill fish and sambal (a mixture made from chilies, shallot and lime). I miss these islands very much. Yes, if time and money perch in my pockets and then it would be fine.

Assorted Poems

How they streak
Across the sky
Lifting the veils
Of my melancholic
How they dance
In Cosmic delight
Radiating a
Of the soul’s

Ode to Psyche
You melodious flight—
A nirvana of ecstasy—
A dance of the soul—
Music on wings—
A colored harp—
In you I’ve
Beauty and Art

Beautiful Flower/
You echo a dream of passion/
Love’s magic fountain/