Every day I have toy and I play with it and try to reach infinity. Come on: my little self teaches me: don’t burst your ego ….Yet I am always thinking I am reaching infinity.

Every day in the evening, I hold the thing in my trembling hands and I glimpse across the letters and numbers and to my sad realization, I never come anywhere close. I sigh in disgust.

She was a young widow who always had a face with a wrinkled frown. I always wanted to ask her. But I never did. But I know what she wanted: she wanted a four letter word (LOL).

Idioms From the Bible

Gift of the Magi
We all know that the Magi came from the East and worshiped Baby Jesus and also gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. The Gift of the Magi as an idiom means knowledge gained from esoteric sources. The Book of Revelation is a Gift of the Magi. One must have the gift of the magi to comprehend the parable of Jesus.

Herod’s Decree

When the scholars told King Herod that a child born will be King, Herod in a fit of anger ordered all the killing of all children. As an Idiom Herod’s Decree is a Draconian Measure. BJP’s plan to make India into a Hindu Nation is Herod’s Decree.

Baptism of Jesus

It was John the Baptist who baptized Jesus. As Jesus came out of the water: a dove descended on him and the voice of the father spoke: ‘this is my son with whom I am well pleased’. The Baptism of Jesus as an Idiom means having the Grace, Mercy and Favor of God. I wish to have the Baptism of God. The Baptism of Jesus is a good thing to happen.