New Idioms

Robe a Priest
Robe a priest as an Idiom means to take the matter seriously. The matter discussed is to robe a priest.

Virgin as an Idiom means a beginner. I am a virgin of Greek Language.

Brain Dead

Brain Dead as an idiom means being unemployed. Right now I am brain dead.

Big Bang
Big Bang as an Idiom means to have an orgasm. It is good to experience a big bang.


Steal Some Scotch
Steal some scotch as an idiom means being unfair to someone. My former employer stole some scotch. I don’t steal scotch.

On the Rocks
On the Rocks as an idiom means getting a windfall bonanza. Will on the rocks occur to me today?

Smell of a Dog
This idiom comes from a Police Dog. Smell of a dog as an idiom means unraveling a plot, mystery or crime. Smell of a dog is used for Crime Detection.


Nebulization is a medical term and it refers, for example an asthmatic patient doing an inhalation. As an Idiom it means cleaning the junk in the mind. My resolve not to watch pornography is an act of Nebulization.

Wear a Hat
Wear a Hat is an idiom means striking a new business deal or opportunity. Now a days it is common for businesses to wear a hat.

Strike Gold
Strike Gold as an idiom means being affluent and successful. It’s my wish to Strike Gold.