Evolution of Sacrifice

Sacrifice has an interesting history. In the past there was human sacrifice. Then people slaughtered animals before the altar. With the emergence of Christ things changed. Christ broke some bread and said to the disciples this is my body and so eat it and then he offered them wine and said this is blood so drink it. I do this ritual everyday to celebrate Christianity and Christ. Enacting the Holy Communion is therapeutic and gives a lot of blessings. So I encourage you to take the Holy Communion in the confines of your home. Water can do instead of the wine and any food can be taken as body of Christ.

Cultural Construction

Cultural Construction is the opposite of Derrida’s Deconstruction. Deconstruction reads texts to reveal marginalization and privilege. For example Black is underprivileged and White is privileged. Cultural Construction belongs to the realm of Philosophical Epistemology where a term acquires a new Philosophical and Cultural meaning. For Example: Black which was denigrated once today is privileged. Black Culture, Black Gospel and Jazz and Blues are privileged as universalized elements of culture. Black culture is a catharsis of cultural construction.