Valley of Sin

The pilgrim has entered the valley of sin. What sees is a church turned into a brothel and a pub. A woman with weird hairdo of purple hair and flaunting lip stick entices him to the pub. When he was showing unwillingness, she with a force of strength pulled him inside. She ordered vodka large. As he drank the white poison he had an uneasy rumbling in his stomach and belched it all out. She became totally drunk with unsteady footsteps pulled him into the brothel. She threw of her clothes with force and spread her legs incongruously inviting him to lay her to bed. The pilgrim felt half tempted but suddenly heard the voice of God and rushed out of the place. It was quite dark in the streets and in a shady place the drug peddlers were selling dope. The called to him and asked him whether he wanted a joint. He took a puff and staggered uneasily and retched on the pavement. A small voice inside him said: ‘son you are going the wrong way’. Guilt overtook him and he was feeling repentant. He started walking away from that place. He came to a plaza and surrounded by bright light. It was gambling casino. The place was agog with all sorts of people, peddlers, pimps and gamblers. Soon the dice was thrown. Some won and some lost. There was strip tease dancer showing off her svelte figure. Some of the gamblers drunk were throwing money at her. One gambler drunk caught her behind. The bouncers came and caught hold of him and threw him out. One of the gamblers, who staked a large sum of money, lost it all, and committed suicide. The pilgrim felt a sickening feeling inside. He did not know what to do. Again he heard the soft voice of God telling him to go away. Feeling heavy in the heart he quietly walked away. On the road he saw prostitute injecting her arms with dope. He went near her and asked her if you are all right. She fell dizzy and collapsed to the ground. It was a cold night and she had no warm clothing. The pilgrim covered her with his own blazer. Then took her by the hand and checked her into a motel. She started mumbling all kinds of things in her sleep. ‘I have a husband who has abandoned me. I have a home where I am not welcome. I have wounded and bruised mind; can someone please help me’. The pilgrim sat beside her and talked softly to her. He said: ‘do not worry dear; I will take care of you’. He stayed with her throughout the night.

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