Hong Kong
I was in Hong Kong to attend an interview for the post of an English Teacher. I stayed in the YMCA in Kowloon. As I was walking on the street, I came across a brothel. And the Madame there said: ‘come son inside and have a drink and enjoy my women’. I being a puritan ran away from there. Next morning I again walked across the Brothel. The Madame there was waving incense. When she saw me, she shooed at me in great anger. I felt taken aback.

I was working in an elite school in Jakarta. One day the Principal called me to invite the UN directory for the school’s program. I went to his office and I had to wait for some time. Then he called me to his office and said he was all happy to come to the school. What surprised me was strange Shamanic Doll on his table. It had a most peculiar expression on its face and that being neither sad nor angry. The expression was not pleasant at all.

222 Baker Street
Mr. Holmes was lying in bed when Watson knocked and entered. Watson said: ‘Good Morning Mr. Holmes. Here are the Newspaper headlines: ‘Heist in bank a large sum of money looted. Police have no clue’. Mr. Holmes gave a sneer: ‘it’s time; please start counting the money’.

Tale Stranger than Fiction
My uncle an unmarried priest passed away. We went to the parsonage to clear his belongings. It was raining heavily at that time. Water was seeping in through the kitchen door. When I and my brother-in-law looked at the water, to our surprise and fright, we saw facial image of our uncle in the water.

She came all the way from UK on a teacher exchange program. She became fascinated with my poetry. She was also an artist and a poet. She encouraged me very much to write. Our relationship was a Platonic one for me. But it was not so for her. Once she was staying in Hotel and she gave me some whisky and asked me to bed with her. I ran away from her.


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