April 12th 2019

Today was a slow moving day. Daylight opened its eyes with a pleasant smile. Tiny ones made their music and I enjoyed Nature with gusto.

Parable of the Good Samaritan
I am still reading the Gospel of Luke. I came across the parable of the Good Samaritan, told by Jesus. The Parable is as follows: once there was a traveler and on the way robbers attacked him and injured him and stole all his belongings. A priest came that way and ignored the cries of help emanating from the man. So too was Levite who distanced himself away from the victim. Then a Samaritan man came and he got off from his donkey; he put medicine and loaded the man on to the donkey and admitted him an inn. What is the meaning of this parable? Good Samaritan as an Idiom means helping the troubled sorrowful and sick. Mother Theresa was a Good Samaritan. We must become Good Samaritans in our daily walk of life.

In the Old Testament we find God Jehovah asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham without question obeyed the will of God implicitly. When the time of sacrifice came, God intervened and said to Abraham to sacrifice a ram whose horns were entangled. The sacrifice as an idiom means emerging victoriously from a problematic situation. Oh God let my days be a sacrifice. One can experience a sacrifice if one belongs to God.

Political Tamasha (Joke)
I am from the country OOOLALA. OOOLALA is a democracy and having elections this year. I am a neutral observer. This is what I have observed:
a) The electronic voting machines don’t function properly.
b) Thugs of the ruling party do booth rigging. They threaten polling officers at gun point.
c) There is a witch hunting of the people belonging to the opposition.
d) The elections is a political sham.

Evening passed melodiously as a song. They sky was a poet’s heart. The sky was ornamented with merry hues— like pink, orange and purple. You have to slow down your thoughts to appreciate nature. You have to be human to appreciate art. Nature is so tranquil and so beautiful.
I am wondering what the mindset of Dictators like Stalin and Hitler are. What has caused them to become Tyrants? Was it a bad childhood? If Hitler had not hated the Jews he would have been a successful leader. Do they come from a bad childhood? There are rumors that Hitler was an illegitimate son of Jew and his wanting to pulverize the Jews was the absence of fatherly love. Yes, I introduce a father figure complex. Father Figure Complex is an emotional miscarriage of scars in an individual not being requited with fatherly love. Both Stalin and Hitler are psychos with low emotional quotient. The purges of Stalin are bloody and violent. Dictatorship is a failed government.

What about the mindset of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela? They are revolutionary leaders who achieved their rule by peaceful means. I would like to say that they have the Mother Teresa complex, meaning, a struggle without violence and a form of beautiful protest.

It is my fondest wish to visit all the art galleries of the world. Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Delvaux and Gauguin are my all time favorites. When will I get the ability to satisfy all my dreams? I also want to travel about and visit exotic places. I would love to write travelogues. You never know when wishes come true?
I also want to do Asemic Writing with a calligraphic pen. I don’t have one right now.

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