Territopia is a country booming in oil and all its people are followers of God TUTKEY. Terrorists of the country have besieged the city and taken its rulers captives. The terrorists are psychos and their favorite hobby is to murder evangelists from Liberalopia. Here is a beheading ceremony. While beheading the evangelist, the leader of the country will mount a Bactrian camel and have sex with it. The leader Cashimbinhalalpork says: ‘is the infidel ready to be beheaded? Please give me a ladder to mount the camel Aliflailah.’ The followers chant: ‘Lord Tutkey we offer you praises…..UR UR UR UR UR… May TUTKEY be praised’. The executor hacks the head of the evangelist.

Horriforia is a onetime democracy that is ruled by a fascist party. For the worshippers, the Cow is a sacred Mother. Though democratically elected, the leaders are very enthusiastic about changing the constitution. Horroriforia is also famous and notorious of the people not following their religion. An evangelist Luke and his children were burnt to death. Some evangelists are paraded naked on the streets. The leader of Horroriforia called Hermes Cult demonetized the economy. He and his cronies ransacked the banks and buccaneered large sums of money. Elections are round the corner and the people have to decide whether they want a fascist government or a liberal democratic one.


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