Lampooning Dracula

Mr. Wood receives a letter from Transylvania. He reads the letter: ‘I am count Dracula and I want you to come to Transylvania and transport my cargo to London. I will pay your handsomely I also want you to buy me property in London ’. Mr. Wood discusses this with his wife and she encourages him to take up the lucrative deal.

Mr. Wood arrives in Transylvania and hires a cab. The driver asks him where he was going. He replies: ‘to a castle owned by the Count Dracula. The driver laughs loudly and asks ironically: ‘to the castle of farts the count there is a bum’. Here take this garlic in case the count wants to devour your blood.

On reaching the Castle I embarked and there was Count greeting me. He led me to a marvelous ornamented room and later I had a sumptuous banquet. I went to sleep. In the middle of the night some vampires came to my room and I let off big fart and off they went frightened.

In the Morning I went to the port to arrange transportation of Count’s cargo. Soon the Cargo arrived in Castle Gotham in London.

At 12 Midnight the count woke up from his coffin and visited Pub Vagina. He started biting the necks of the people. Then something mystical started happening. All the people in the pub vagina started farting. Wood came into the Pub with garlic and the count vanished. (silliest plot in the world of fiction)


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