April 7th 2019

Woman with 2 cents

This incident takes place in the New Testament. The people were giving offerings at the temple. The rich donated a festoon of cash. Then a poor woman came and she gave only 2 cents. Jesus said: the woman with 2 cents gave away everything and her contribution will be acknowledged in heaven.  Woman with 2 cents as an Idiom means being generous. My father was a woman with 2 cents.

Corner Stone

Jesus said: there’s a corner stone which the masons have overlooked. Who is the corner stone? The answer is Jesus. Who are the people who ignored the stone? There’s verse in the Bible: ‘he came to his own: but his own did not know him.’ The answer is an easy guess.

Kiss of Judas

We all know in the New Testament, Judas Iscariot the disciple of Jesus betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. As an Idiom, the Kiss of Judas means a betrayal. Who had done the kiss of Judas to you? I have never made the kiss of Judas in my life.


Never cease asking in prayer. Christ you are the spirit of hope. The legacy of Christ is to live with him in eternity. Sow the seeds of passion in your heart. Every night sky twinkles with a gem. To be on earth is God’s Blessing and to be in Heaven is victory. Christ has already carried the cross and you need not carry it for him. Imagination is the heart of a writer. God said that if you honor me on earth: God the father will honor you in heaven. Beauty of the soul is thicker than the beauty of the body. Every dream should be an ideal desire. The Devil is the begetter of false hopes and lies. It’s an irony to ask which Kingdom does Harry Porter belong. To fall in love is only a beginning to remain in love is an eternity. The Parable of the seed is a blessing for a prosperous life on earth as well as in Heaven.  The blood on the cross is a magical word for a miracle. Time is an irony to be tested and an epiphany to be celebrated. The heart is thicker than flesh. An arrow of hope has started rising from the horizon. God tests those who adore him. Treat life gently; don’t be hard on yourself. When you climb a mountain don’t forget to look at the ground beneath. With Christ each day becomes happier. Aspire with persistence and you will achieve your goal. Knowledge is of the flesh and Wisdom that of the Spirit. The ideal Christian celebrates Christ every day.  Earthly time is ephemeral and Heavenly time is celestial. Liberate the mind from angst and despair. Don’t be swept away by the flood of sorrow. Woe to Astrology—God has numbered the hairs on my head.  When in need, cease not to ask in prayer till it is achieved.