Bible Musings

I was reading the Gospel of Mark and I got some inspiring thoughts which I want to share with you.

Parable of the Vineyard
Parable of the Vineyard is a famous parable told by Jesus. A man plants crops in a vineyard and appoints farmhands and goes on a holiday. After coming back, he sends a servant to collect the fruit. The farmhands beat him and then the master sends a second servant and they flog him. Then he sends a third servant and they murder him. Then the master thought if I send my son they will be kind to him. So the master sends his son. They dastardly kill the son. Jesus asked them what the master will do. They replied that they will be executed. This parable is an allegory of Jesus himself. God sent the prophets and the evangelists before him (like John the Baptist). They were treated cruelly and some were murdered and became martyrs of God’s Kingdom. The planter of the Vineyard who sent his son is an allegory of how Jesus will be crucified and martyred.
Paying Taxes
When Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees about paying taxes: Jesus asked them to show a coin. Then Jesus asked them whose image was on it. They replied that it was the image of Caesar. That’s when Christ replied to them: ‘pay unto Caesar what is his and give unto me what is mine’. There’s a verse of hope inherent in what Christ has said. There’s a guarantee that if we take care of our spiritual life then our Father God in Heaven will take care of our material needs.
The Pharisees who were clever as serpents asked Jesus a question. There was a family of seven brothers. When each of the brothers died each of the living took into marriage the same wife. They by sheer sophistry asked who will the wife belong to in heaven. Jesus adeptly replied: ‘you brood of vipers: in heaven she will belong to God and she like all those who have been saved will their intimacies and ecstasies with God.

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