April 6th 2019

I spent time reading the Gospel of Mark. New thoughts emanated for me. I love to listen to the voice of God. He fills my mind with self confidence. In this journal I would like idiomatize all what I have read. I thank God Jehovah Jesus for blessing me.

We all know that it was King Herod who ordered the execution of John on the pretext of Herodias asking for John’s head. As an Idiom Herod means a tyrant. The Nazi rule was a Herod in the making. Stalin was a communist Herod. Democracy weeds out Herod.
Herodias was niece of Herod with whom he had an adulterous relationship. As an idiom it means committing adultery. Committing Herodias is a sin. Lord Christ Jehovah forgive me for being a Herodias.

Galilee is a famous place where Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God. As an idiom Galilee means a great preacher. Ravi Zacharias the Christian apologist is a Galilee.

Ephphatha (be opened) refers to the miracle of the opening of eyes done by Jesus. Ephphatha as an idiom means getting something sanctioned. My bank loan was Ephphathed.

Dogs Get Scraps
This is an incident where a woman accosts Jesus to heal her daughter. Jesus said to her: first come: first served. Then the woman replied: even the dogs get scraps. Moved by her faith, Jesus healed her daughter. Dogs get scraps a piece of luck coming to one’s life. Today I am going to be the Dog that gets scraps.

Bartimaeus a blind man was sitting on the streets begging and when Jesus appeared: he shouted loudly: ‘son of David heal me’. Jesus moved out of compassion, healed him. Bartimaeus is an idiom for something lucky happening. Oh God Jehovah Jesus when will a Bartimaeus happen in my life?

Hang out for thieves
We know the story where the people who desecrated the temple were punished by Jesus and were thrown out of the temple. Hang out for thieves means desecrating something that’s holy. Salman Rushdie’s novel: The Satanic Verses is a den of thieves.

Reply of Jesus
The Pharisees questioned Jesus about his credentials and under whose banner is her preaching and healing people. Then Jesus said to them first answer my question: who authorized John to baptize me? The Pharisees realized that if they told the people, they would become shame faced and if they told God, they would give the benefit of doubt to Jesus. Reply of Jesus as an Idiom means giving a wise reply. To the interview panel he gave a reply of Jesus.


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