April 1st 2019

The sky in the evening dazzled with the splendor of colors. The sun sank like a dream. Birds floated in the sky like an ephemeral nirvana. I thank God Christ for all the blessings given.

Night came in on like a Vampire. The sky bore the opulence of stars. Stars are as small as grapes. The crickets melodied poems of glory.

I attended a meeting where my mother was declared Woman of the Year 2019 by Jacees International. These were the same people who lent money to my father and charged exorbitant interest. What an irony it is; now they are honoring my mother. Yes God Christ Jesus has promised that he will give a double portion of what has been lost.

I have finished reading the Gospel of Mathew and now I have started reading the Gospel of Mark. I have always wondered about Christ, being God and yet being human. I have read into the portion where he selects his disciples. It is remarkable that God chose the humble and the meek to work for his kingdom. I read about people being cured of all afflictions. For some: he asked the demon to come out and for some he just healed by placing his hands or by uttering a word to be healed. The demons are terrified when Christ encounters them. I am amazed at the love shown by Christ and his coming down to the earth and shedding the blood on Calvary to save us from his sins.


The whole month of March had very little financial gain. I got only a very small fish as far was windfall gains are concerned. I want to win the lottery draw hosted by UAE government. I need the money to go there and buy the ticket. I hope I will win the jackpot. Yes, Christ has said: ‘ask and you shall receive’. I will need money for April and May as the school is closed. December was a good month as I had a bounty of money in my purse. God Jehovah Jesus populate my purse and my bank account with money.


I am wondering whether a Novelist should be called as an Artist. Yes, the novel is art in words. Its gallery is the readers. Compared to paintings only a small amount of money is needed to buy novels. I thank God Jehovah Jesus for helping me to find the style, content and form of Novel writing. Christ has said: ‘if you honor me: the God in heaven will honor you.’

I appreciate art very much but I don’t have the money to buy art. I am a connoisseur of art. It’s an irony that art is purchased by Moguls who have a lot of stinking dope. I wonder whether they appreciate art or are they buying art o just to show off their prestige in society.


I have started writing with the pen in notebook. Writing like that gives me a lot of clarity in my thoughts. What I have written with pen, I type on the keyboard.
I am always asking God to lead me to the purpose he wants me to take.
Lord Jesus: the school founded by my father is need of finance. Bless the school and give me a windfall to meet the school’s expenses.


wonder why Marquis De Sade is ornamentalized into a Cerebral Classic writer. Is Sadism moral? Not it isn’t! Sadism is beastly and cannot be expressed philosophically. Sade’s words are remarkable as far as literary genius is concerned. May we should read him and then trash his ideas away.


Reading Kafka is like reading an allegory of nation’s trauma. Al of Kafka’s writings are wounds and blisters. Let us look at the Metamorphosis. The character Gregor Samsa is troubled mentally and spiritually. His father (an allegory for Nazi rule) treats him like rotten eggs. The metamorphosis is a story of struggle and exile. A Jew was rubbished in the Nation of the Nazis. Kafka is an allegory of a troubled Jew.


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