March 29th 2019

Evening rattled in the sky like a surreal panting. Lyrics were floating in the sky. Light became sensuous as a passionate poetry. The tree was full of chirps and tweets. The sky became a cuisine and exotic landscape. I thank God for giving me the soul to appreciate the beauty of nature…..
Night crept in slowly like vampire’s teeth. Nature’s emerald was in full bloom. Nature you are a bonanza for the heart. Gems twinkled with Eros. Nature was talking to me in ghostly whispers. Yes, nature is a passionate poem

Morning woke up like a bird on wings. Light surfaced on the sky like an erotic dream. Light was scattered in the sky like fairy’s wand. Slowly the sun rose in eloquent music. I thank God for all the blessings given.
Day was slow as taking dope. I went to a strange place which showed exchange rates. The $ is 69 Rupees more than the Indian Rupee. I read them with poetic interest. A machine cackled: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and out came money. I felt sad as I have nothing in my pocket. Then to my surprise I saw the following: Senior Citizens 8% 550 days 7.50$. I asked Jesus to open an account for me and fill it the brim.

I read into the Gospel of ST Mathew. There was parable of Jesus and it said: A man gave a Servant 5000 Bucks and a second Servant 2000 Bucks and the Third Servant 1000 Bucks; on coming back, the first and the second multiplied it but the third one hid it in the ground. What is the meaning of this parable? We should be like the first and the second person doubling our inheritance of the word. We must grow strong in faith and get ready to live with Christ in eternity.

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