Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

Oh God Christ blossom my pen into a flower of fame. God is the ideal of all governments. Lord let me taste the luck of fortune. Beauty thy form is God and content, the word becoming flesh. I value God Christ, far more than the muses for my creative thoughts. Oh Lord Christ let me body be not cast into the net of temptation. The blossomed flower, the chanting of the brook, the seasons of change, (God I long to see them) are hymns of nature—a poetry for the soul. Don’t make your soul a shallow stream. The WORD of God is honey for the soul. Addiction is the habit of a demon. Don’t be a beast that harbors grudge. I have stopped living in the land of adultery. Patience is the seed, passion the tree and victory is the fruit. God is there to walk with me when I am having storms. Communism is a dead idol that lives in the land of Kerala. God is the pillar of forgiveness and love. Don’t knock on the doors of a harlot. Eroticism is God’s gift and lust is the devil’s temptation. Victory—I am patience waiting for you to happen. My God Christ is a living God, a God of Love, Truth and Grace. Grip the images of pornography and hurl them out of your mind. The brook murmured sweetly. In every desert of disappointment there’s an oasis of hope. Meditate the tune of nature and she will give you a song to sing. Rhythms and Melodies are the epiphanies of God. Don’t live to make others smile. Your greatest friend is the one who shows you your shortcomings. Pride has the vanity of a fang. Celebrate nature: she is a beautiful song. Emulate God rather than celebrities and you will find that life is good. Good company is melody for the soul. Lord thank you for forgiving my transgressions in you I sin no more. A blessing from God is better than large sums of Money. The clouds were bearing the veils of happiness. Oh Lord Christ, give me the grace to see grandchildren. Hope is the song of the heard. When you are tempted: turn to God. Anger, covetousness and envy all are hell’s damned offerings: partake not in them. Oh God Christ: master architect of the Universe, you are symphony so divine. Teach me OH LORD CHRIST to have FAITH as SMALL AS A MUSTARD SEED: Apply the same in my daily life. Make music out of life. A walk with nature is like Guitar whose strings are being plucked. Wear the clothes of goodness. Let peace be your soulful friend. Learn from life: remember the past: anchor the present and hope the future. Let not the witches of despair cloud your life. The Parables of Jesus abound in Wisdom. Lord Christ do not make me wait in vain. Lord Christ: I am asking in hope and I hope what I ask shall be received. Hell is a monster and Heaven a God.

Parable of the Unjust Judge

This parable is found in the Gospel of Luke where a poor widow approaches a Judge for Justice. He ignores her completely but finally he accedes to her persistence. As an idiom it means something coming true in one’s life after long prayer and strongly wishing. Oh God when will the parable of the Unjust Judge happen in my life. If the parable of the unjust judge happens in my life I will be very happy.

Changi Airport Singapore


I had the fortune to spend a day and night in transit in Changi Airport. I felt like being in a womb. The architecture had the ambience of a little child. The smoker’s room was fantastic. Shops glittered with a bevy of things. I walked through the airport as a contented poet. The massive lounge was an opera of delight. One felt the ease of being at home. I had a lot of booze and I slept comfortable on a sofa. On waking I found that I had missed my flight. The officials there were courteous in assisting me. I rebooked my ticket paying a small sum. I loved the sardine sandwiches and the beautiful vodka. Yes, Changi is a heaven on earth.

Narrative About Kerala

Kerala, metonymyed as God’s Own Country is one of the fifty destinations to be visited are per National

Legend has it that Parasurama threw an axe into the Arabian Sea and carved a land called Kerala.

There’s also a legend that people were incensed with Shiva and said that we were not getting enough intoxication and Shiva in anger threw some hair on to the earth and out of it weed was born.

Prominent to see in Kerala are the mystic, tranquil backwaters, the heart and soul of Kerala. One can spend days and nights in them cruising slowly, watching the exotic birds, the lush paddy fields, the season of the monsoon all which forms a poetic epiphany.

Next there are the virgin beaches of Kerala, a paradise for tourists. The beach at Varkla is very famous, garden of water thronging in delight. Once while I was there, I came across a bookshop which had books of all nations. You could pick your book or exchange a book. Famous are the massages of Kerala, famous for rejuvenating the body.

Next comes the famous garden of aromatic tea and spices. It’s a pleasure to watch little hills of bloomed tea leaves. Once in Munnar, one becomes infatuated with the beautiful smell of tea leaves and spices.
Idukki a district of Kerala is famous for superb marijuana called as blue rope (Neela Chadayan). Grass has become very scarce in Kerala owing to strict vigilance of the police. But it is still thriving.


She came from England on a teacher exchange programme. She was poet and a painter. We became close to each other. We exchanged our poems, and we indulged in luxurious company. Once she called me to a hotel in which she was staying; she made me drunk with Teacher’s Whisky and wanted me to make love to her. I was a puritan and ran away from the Hotel Room. I did write some poetry for her and she framed the same in her house. Before leaving for England, she gave me the ticket money to go and visit her. When I went to the British Consulate they rejected me.

Tales Stranger Than Fiction

Do animals have the evil spirit in them? I don’t know! What I am telling you is a strange story stranger than fiction. My father became very sick and he was hospitalized. At that time, a stray dog used to visit our house. Doctors had given up on my father. Then a neighbor said that the Dog is bad luck. He electrocuted the dog and my father became better.

There’s another true story tell. Some preachers were praying in our house. Suddenly our dog a Doberman perfectly well, fell down dead. The preachers said: the dog died in place of family members.

This is also a true story. My uncle a vicar died. We went to house to clear up things. My father and my brother-in-law were with me. It started raining and rain water started seeping in. When we looked we saw the face of the uncle in the water. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

March 29th 2019

Evening rattled in the sky like a surreal panting. Lyrics were floating in the sky. Light became sensuous as a passionate poetry. The tree was full of chirps and tweets. The sky became a cuisine and exotic landscape. I thank God for giving me the soul to appreciate the beauty of nature…..
Night crept in slowly like vampire’s teeth. Nature’s emerald was in full bloom. Nature you are a bonanza for the heart. Gems twinkled with Eros. Nature was talking to me in ghostly whispers. Yes, nature is a passionate poem

Morning woke up like a bird on wings. Light surfaced on the sky like an erotic dream. Light was scattered in the sky like fairy’s wand. Slowly the sun rose in eloquent music. I thank God for all the blessings given.
Day was slow as taking dope. I went to a strange place which showed exchange rates. The $ is 69 Rupees more than the Indian Rupee. I read them with poetic interest. A machine cackled: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and out came money. I felt sad as I have nothing in my pocket. Then to my surprise I saw the following: Senior Citizens 8% 550 days 7.50$. I asked Jesus to open an account for me and fill it the brim.

I read into the Gospel of ST Mathew. There was parable of Jesus and it said: A man gave a Servant 5000 Bucks and a second Servant 2000 Bucks and the Third Servant 1000 Bucks; on coming back, the first and the second multiplied it but the third one hid it in the ground. What is the meaning of this parable? We should be like the first and the second person doubling our inheritance of the word. We must grow strong in faith and get ready to live with Christ in eternity.