March 28th 2019

I was reading into the Gospel of ST Mathew and the Pharisees questioned Jesus about paying taxes. Then he asked the disciples to bring a coin and asked the Pharisees what do you see on it. They said the emblem of Caesar. Then Jesus said: ‘Give unto Caesar what is his and give unto me what is mine’. Yes, we have to authoritize God of Earth and Heaven.

Jesus said to his disciples showing the Temple and said: this will be roused to rubble and in three days time it will resurrect. Jesus was talking about his own death and resurrection.
Then Jesus told the Parable of the 10 Virgins. Five lit oil in their lamps and 5 did not. When Jesus came he took the 5 lamp lit virgins with him. We must faithful and alert, waiting for Christ to arrive the second time.

When I was in College I became involved with Anthroposophy. I became acquainted with person, an anthroposophist from Switzerland. I used to write loving letters to him and one day he said: he is coming to see me. I was thrilled to the core of my heart. I went to the airport and picked him up. When we booked room, to my surprise, I realized he was gay and wanted me. I patiently refused and he accepted as a good friend.

I was in Hong Kong to attend an interview as an English Teacher. I had the habit walking on the streets of Hong Kong. By the way I chanced upon a brothel. And the madam in invited me: She said: ‘come on son come inside and have a drink.’ I virtually ran away. Next day in the morning I was walking on the same street, and I saw the Madam waving incense sticks and upon seeing me, with a fit of anger she shooed the incense sticks on me.

This happened to me in Jakarta where I was working as a school teacher. The Principal of the School asked me to invite the director of the UN for the school day since he was an Indian. When I went to his office, I was ushered in. I greeted him and to my fascination, I saw strange Shamanic Doll on his table. It had a very unpleasant look, a strange and eerie one. The Doll remained in my memories for a long time.

Indonesia remained a fascinating and exotic country. I am very much attracted to Indonesian cuisine, especially Bebek (duck), IKAN (grilled fish) rice and Sambal (made of chilies, shallot and lime). I also loved to smoke Indonesia cloved cigarettes.

Walking on the streets of Indonesia in the night, one can see a lot of whored waiting on the road side. Cars come and whisk them away.
There was colleague of mine, a lady who invited me for dinner. As soon as I came in her husband went away. She took me to the bedroom and took my hands and started stroking it. I should have taken the cues as it was a sign that she wanted to bed with me. But I was virtuous and after having dinner, I went away.

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