Figures of Speech

Nature is the solitude of speech. Jesus apply the faith of the mustard seed in my life. The Seed of the Word should pollinate and blossom into a tree of fruit. The Bray of a donkey is better than a gallop of a horse. Pride is a glutton of the soul. Cinema is a screen of life. We should live a life innocent and peaceful as a dove. My journey in the world is tropes of the language. Poverty—you are democracy’s shame. The beginning is patience and the end is victory. Lord immerse me in the pool of luck. Fortune –OH God I am thankful. Perseverance is the angel that pays off. Beauty—thy passion lies in the soul of poetry. The boat is rocking with a huge catch. Christ is a wisdom of literature. Terror is an infidel of religious fanaticism. What comes out of the heart should be goodness. Passion is music of the soul. A missile is an unfriendly gift. Sacrificial figure gave is the dictum: The Way: The truth and the life. Amen is praise uttered. Oh Lord fuel my purse. The word is flesh coming to life. I wear the cap of hope and the garments of righteousness. Fortune is an elixir to drink. My heart is stained glass painting. I became a new born of child of experience after reading the Bible. In the forest of bad luck—there’s a cave of fortune, luck and hope. How to dance to life’s tunes? Life is a fable to be told. The door of opportunity should be opened as soon as possible. Windfall come into my purse and my bank as soon as possible.
My pen is a slave for Christ. An epic of fragmentary thoughts is a monument on stone. I wiped on the towel of luck. I bathed in the sea of hope. My body is a corpse when it comes to adultery and fornication. Lord Christ, personify my body with an epiphany. He watched the watch. Abundance, you are elephant’s tongue. Yield not to the tree of temptation. The blood that cleansed was that of Christ. Anger is a stormy tree. The anatomy of the soul is a precious ornament. Courage is a heart of passion. Pursue your dream and wake up to a reality. Democracy is the victory of votes. Surreal paintings are a story to tell. Sleep is peaceful brook: thanks to God Jesus. Sadness is winter; mirth is summer, melancholy autumn and angst: summer. Don’t make your own feelings a foe. Better to understand the self rather than understanding humanity. The hand of God is a becoming of might miracle. Prejudice is a poisonous vessel. Communism is a God that died and Christ is a God that resurrected. The Bible lives with the literature of life. Poems danced in the sky. Plant your virtue in your soul. The Lilies of the field are the garments of Christ. The Parables of Jesus are the fruit of living a good life on earth. Sin—I stamp you down like a Serpent. Tear the Tear. Jesus is a canopy of Joy and Peace. Hope of the Night is Luck of the morning. The sword will kneel before the pen. It is better to believe in God rather than in fate. I am like a prodigal son who returned to the Father. Lord Give All Days Your Daily bread. Philosophy is fertilizer for the mind. Poems on the branch of the tree, spoke beatitudes. Her stomach was swollen like a pumpkin. Dress the habit of thought with goodness. Positive thinking is a flower of thought. Adultery—you are whore of the body. Passion is an aristocrat and pleasures a king. Mind you erect splendid monuments. Appreciate Dawn like Shelly the poet. Christmas chimes the bell of gifts. Romanticism is the sculpture of feeling. Existentialism is a corpse of the absurd. Bad Luck I drown you in a river. God favor me with windfall this day. I dwell in the sea of happiness. A positive attitude is a heart of beauty. Time of eternity is an enigma. The chosen belong to the Parable of the Seed that fell on rich and fertile ground. Lexis is the flower of the Word: Logs the Heart: and Agape the fruit. Time is a busy bee. Fortune has the footsteps of a galloping horse. Writing is the art of life. When will God bless me with the riches of the earth? Resilience is a soldier ready for war. Jesus is the cornerstone rejected by the masons. Gandhi is the symbol for an Independent and democratic India. I pour my feelings into the vessel of the heart. Put on a hat of patience and wear the blazed of celebration. With Jesus: there are no stones in the heart. Riches of the earth temporary but the riches of the earth are permanent. Waltz of life, you are a poem to live. A hardened heart, a fearful soul, a despairing mind and a disbelieving body are all an emanating hell.

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