Autobiography of a Mannequin

I was put to sleep in the cloth store. Early in the morning when the shop opened, the salesman came and woke me up. He started stroking my breasts and fondling my nipples. I had a strange sensation in my body. I felt that unexpected visitor was intruding upon my body. Then he put a finger in crevasse and started fondling me. I felt so eerie at the malignant venture. At 10 AM he started clothing me. Then he carried me and placed me in front of the shop. Some people walked past me and started staring at me others murmured: ‘How beautiful’! A bird came and sat on my head. A child came and touched me.  I felt so hot in the afternoon. So the night came in and I felt sad. I was undressed and put in the cloth store. I dreamt of being outside, enjoying the beauty of the night. I dreamed if other of my sex would come and fall in love with me.

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