March 26th 2019

Evening soaked itself in Mesmeric Colors—sunset spread the colored wine of joy on the clouds—children flew in the sky as monads—Oh God calm my restless spirit—personify my body with the ecstasy of an epiphany.

Night came in softly as a singing duet—the moon became a soul of passion—there was the howling of dogs—are they the symbolism of death—poems twinkle in the sky—shadows of the moon cast a gentle web on the trees—beauty of the night is a figure of speech.

I woke at six in the morning and I had freshly brewed coffee. I watched the rising mirror. Shades of light falling in the sky were an ethereal mystery. I heard the chatter of tulips—I feel so contented and happy.

I read into the Gospel of Mathew and Jesus spoke a parable. Here it is: A wealthy man, a farmer had a vineyard. He gave it to farm hands and went out on a trip. Later he came back and sent servants to harvest the crop. The farm hands beat up the first servant. They killed and murdered the second servant. They threw stones at the third. Then the farmer thought of sending his son. If I send, my son they will respect him. They dragged the son and killed him. Then Jesus asked what will the farmer do with the farm hands? They he replied that he will kill a bunch of rotten tomatoes. What does it mean? So also will be the people who hear my word and discard it.

The school here is closing tomorrow and I have the freedom of writing the whole day. Lord Jehovah: teach me to have faith as small as a mustard seed. Lord the school needs to painted and tiled and also a new vehicle is to be bought. The teachers need to be paid a bonus. Lord please helps us financially.
Is the Howling of Gods an allegory of the symbolism of death?
Jesus: what I yes on earth: yes it in heaven for me.

Champaka is a red fruit of Kerala. It becomes ripe during summer. I am watching the red fruit hanging as a cluster in the sky.

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