While doing a crusade, a press reporter wanted to dethrone the evangelist conducting the crusade. He wanted to bring out the falsehood of the narratives of the preacher. The evangelist spoke of three girls outside a shop during Christmas time. When he went closer, he realized, one of the girls was blind and the sisters were explaining to her. He to all surprise realized that it was a narrative that he had written and he became staunch spokesperson of Christianity.

Silent Sin

There was a famous preacher. After a big meeting, he was feeling really tired. He went to a hotel to have some food. The Holy Spirit spoke to him to minister to the waiter. He said to God that he is very tired and after having food, he went to his house to sleep. Morning he woke and felt guilty and went to the hotel and asked for the waiter. The manager said: he committed suicide as he was feeling depressed.

Plot of the Novel

I have already explained the three genres of the Novel and they being: Narrative Novel, Painting Novel and Philosophical Novel. Here I would like to enunciate the plot of the novel. What is the plot of the novel? Plot is a secret mystery hidden in the Novel. There are two kinds of plots and they are character resonating plots and fictional plots. In character resonating plots, the mystery of the Novel is hidden to characters but known to the readers. In novels having fictional plots they mystery is known in the end to the readers or it is a keep-on-guessing-novel. Thrillers belong to both varieties.

24th March 2019

Night sky—ornaments twinkled in glory—crickets gossiped on earth—a dark carpet hugged the earth—nightlife was in full bloom—the night is passionate song—a heavenly music

Morn rose as a song—tiny angels floated in the sky as melodious music—the sun rose as a majestic canvas—the smell of nature is like that of a baby—the sky became a scattering of colors—orange, purple, pink and grey—nature spoke in the art of streams of consciousness—beauty is a of nature—an ethereal gift of God—a present given by God to appreciate the gift of nature.

As it is said in the gospel of Mathew: if you say to the mountain to be cast into the sea it will do so. Teach me oh Lord to make my words to be things happening in life. Mountain be cast into the sea as an idiom means having strong will get things accomplished in life. Brother cast the mountain into the sea. Lord Jesus: what I yes in on earth: Yes it in heaven for me.

When Jesus went into the temple: it was populated with traders. Jesus became angry and kicked the table and drove the folk out. The Temple is an idiom for getting angry with things that are ethically not right. Jews became a temple. The person became a temple with his wife who committed adultery.
Today after a long time I went to church. The Lord has made the seventh day a Sabbath to glorify him. Sabbath as an idiom means worshiping God. Hey brother, let’s do the Sabbath today.

Parable of the Frog
Once upon a time, there was a frog that lived on earth and water. When the water dried: he lived on land. Soon the monsoon brought in the water. He adapted to living on water. This parable exemplifies that while living on earth we must lead a meaningful Christian life and we should have devotion to God We must balance our life on earth with that in Heaven. The water drying up is the coming of difficulties. God is there for us to tide over every storm. The coming back of water is God blessing us with victory and fortune.

I don’t feel discourage as I have God Christ in my life. Christ is my light, life, refuge and fortress.

Daniel in the Old Testament was exiled into Babylon and there the King Nebuchadnezzar ordered him to worship idols. Daniel flatly refused and said he will worship God Jehovah only. Daniel as an idiom means to have loyalty. We must be a Daniel with God.

Don’t equate the body with flesh: equate the body with the spirit in heaven. God is the master architect of the Universe. Pretense is the Devil wearing a deception. The singing of the metaphors woke me up. Life is poetry in form and prose in content

Character Sketch

I met this known evangelist on the road. Very joyfully he called put to me: ‘son’. I said I blunt: ‘I have no money’. He turned his back and walked away from me.

I have known this shady, nothing-good character very long in life. Actually he is my cousin. When he was in 10th grade, he became a drug addict and was hospitalized with medication. His father became fed up of him and desperately pleaded with my father to educate and cure him. My father was running a school and offered to help. Gradually my father weaned him off his medication and he used to have withdrawal symptoms. My father used to hug him and he was finally cured and wrote the exams and passed. Now well established: he visited me and asked how the school is doing? I said: it is doing well. He said: he will never send his son to my school as it is full pariahs (untouchables of India). I became aghast at his words. What a shallow remarkable character is he? He does not have even an iota of gratitude.

Idioms from Kerala

Lay your hand on the Plough

Lay your hand on the plough as an idiom means not turning back on one’s decision. My decision to live and work in Kerala is laying my hand on the plough.

Preach Vedas to a Bull
Preach Vedas to a bull means you cannot make a person sensible with common sense. Don’t preach Vedas to a Bull.