Figures of Speech

Form of the Novel is art learnt through experience. Even if I live in the land of dreams, I wake up to make them a reality. Be figurative with the language you use and populate them with positive tropes. I am transporting myself from a Sartre’s Nothingness to a purpose and meaning in Christ. Astrologers are people who take you to the top of a mountain and then plunge you deep into an abyss. Reality is the mirror of life. Money is a means to an end and not an end to the means. I dwell in the luxury of thoughts. My mind becomes alive with coffee and cigarettes. Passions—you have a body for ecstasy. Speech—be not a proud master. Tropes—you have opened a door to a bonanza. A windfall is an angel in disguise. Color your thoughts with optimism. My fiction has become thoughtful and kind with words. I have come to a point where I fail to distinguish between my real self and my fictional self. Beauty is eroticism of the body. Angst—do not confront me with your machine. Time has grown kind to me. With Christ there’s all love and hope. The Devil is a counterfeit God. The Devil is a mask of deception. Envy and covetousness are the gifts of the devil. Sow the seed of hope and reap the fruit of fortune. The child smiled like an angel. Sex is the marital fruit of God and the Devil has poisoned it with lust. God cleanse my sins with your blood and make me into a new piece of art. It won’t cost you a penny to be kind to others. Flirting with tropes is an epic festival. Optimism is sweet chalice of wine to be drunk. Politics is an art built on lies. I have Gadarened my demons. Every experience makes you tune and gives you a remarkable character. The tropics have an unchanging season: so is the will a stoic trope: tropic. With Nietzsche God died in language and with Christ God resurrected to save humanity. God has saved me from the tempter’s net. Let life be a literature of art. All of life’s experience is catharsis. The seed is a powerful metaphor of the word and the fruit a metaphor of life. Christ is the literature of purity, redemption and salvation. I hope my prayers will be heard like Jewels in heaven and hope that they will be retuned like pearls of a blessing. Let not the night dampen your hopes. My wife’s body is a beautiful buxom opera. Proverbs are food for the soul and the Song of Songs food for the Body. I am always resurrecting in the language with the symbolism of positive tropes. Words are things: so wear them carefully. After long years of searching in the desert for the form of the novel, I have reached the oasis of content. The soul is the Milky Way, an abyss so deep and a heaven so high. The Soul has grown up with Ears of Wisdom and the Eyes of knowledge. The Brain can process: the mind can think and only the soul can feel. Consciousness and Conscience are mysteries, so poetic and unfathomable.


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