Kerala, the Southern State of India is famous for daily lotteries as well as Bumper Draws. They say that the Lottery is not rigged and it’s a machine (probably a computer) that draws the prize. What baffles me is that there occur no top end winnings in my locality. There occur only bottom order prizes. Usually the first and second prizes fall in the citadel place of the left front communist govt. of Kerala. Do I have to come to the conclusion that prizes are rigged? Yes, I carry the fear of doubt with me.

Lexical Polygamy

I bring this new term again and I hope in future it will be considered as literary device. Lexical Polygamy is the literal absorption of the meaning of a text (claiming the meaning) by not taking into account the contextual significance. For example in the Bible in Psalms it says: ‘I the Lord will give you the nations as a present and the continents as a gift’. What a marvelous verse and I have written it in my purse and I keep reading it every day.

Time in the Novel

For a long time I was bewitched with the idea of representing time in the Novel. After many years of search a Newton fell on my head. There is one kind of time called narrative time (also called dialogic time) where the writer pursues his inner consciousness. In the postmodern novel this kind of time is represented through the streams of consciousness. On the other hand there is symbolic time, an enunciation of the past, present and future also called as lived time.

The Prostitute and the Repentant Thief

We all know the New Testament Bible story of the Prostitute and the repentant thief. The prostitute washed the feet of Jesus with the finest perfume available in the land. The repentant thief on the cross asked for forgiveness. And to both of them Christ assured the Kingdom of Heaven. The prostitute and the repentant thief are idioms for having a good heart. Both of them are iconic figures who have celebrated Christ and Christianity with wholesome love. When are you going to become a prostitute? When are you going to be repentant thief?

Figures of Speech

Form of the Novel is art learnt through experience. Even if I live in the land of dreams, I wake up to make them a reality. Be figurative with the language you use and populate them with positive tropes. I am transporting myself from a Sartre’s Nothingness to a purpose and meaning in Christ. Astrologers are people who take you to the top of a mountain and then plunge you deep into an abyss. Reality is the mirror of life. Money is a means to an end and not an end to the means. I dwell in the luxury of thoughts. My mind becomes alive with coffee and cigarettes. Passions—you have a body for ecstasy. Speech—be not a proud master. Tropes—you have opened a door to a bonanza. A windfall is an angel in disguise. Color your thoughts with optimism. My fiction has become thoughtful and kind with words. I have come to a point where I fail to distinguish between my real self and my fictional self. Beauty is eroticism of the body. Angst—do not confront me with your machine. Time has grown kind to me. With Christ there’s all love and hope. The Devil is a counterfeit God. The Devil is a mask of deception. Envy and covetousness are the gifts of the devil. Sow the seed of hope and reap the fruit of fortune. The child smiled like an angel. Sex is the marital fruit of God and the Devil has poisoned it with lust. God cleanse my sins with your blood and make me into a new piece of art. It won’t cost you a penny to be kind to others. Flirting with tropes is an epic festival. Optimism is sweet chalice of wine to be drunk. Politics is an art built on lies. I have Gadarened my demons. Every experience makes you tune and gives you a remarkable character. The tropics have an unchanging season: so is the will a stoic trope: tropic. With Nietzsche God died in language and with Christ God resurrected to save humanity. God has saved me from the tempter’s net. Let life be a literature of art. All of life’s experience is catharsis. The seed is a powerful metaphor of the word and the fruit a metaphor of life. Christ is the literature of purity, redemption and salvation. I hope my prayers will be heard like Jewels in heaven and hope that they will be retuned like pearls of a blessing. Let not the night dampen your hopes. My wife’s body is a beautiful buxom opera. Proverbs are food for the soul and the Song of Songs food for the Body. I am always resurrecting in the language with the symbolism of positive tropes. Words are things: so wear them carefully. After long years of searching in the desert for the form of the novel, I have reached the oasis of content. The soul is the Milky Way, an abyss so deep and a heaven so high. The Soul has grown up with Ears of Wisdom and the Eyes of knowledge. The Brain can process: the mind can think and only the soul can feel. Consciousness and Conscience are mysteries, so poetic and unfathomable.

21st March 2019

I woke early at 5:30 AM. I saw a dream of joining for work in another school. The director of the school was a lady and she welcomed me. She was wearing a flimsy nighty which reached up to her calves. She had well rounded calves. Today I hope that Jehovah Jesus will part the Red Sea for me. I saw the moon in full bloom. It was shining in the clouds like a crystal ball. I watched its halo, a beautiful aura of light. I trembled like a metaphor of feeling. I felt like making love. Then I watched the sunrise, a mystic camouflage of light, slowly populating the sky, a dream so tranquil, an epiphany so poetic.

I read into the Gospel of Mathew and I felt awed by the literary device, parables used by Jesus. Let my put my humble thoughts and interpret them. Jesus explains in a parable: the kingdom of heaven is like a pine tree that the farmer plants. Its seeds are quite small but when it grows it becomes mammoth and eagles build their nests in it. Jesus is speaking the parable in metaphoric language. The tree is symbolic of a good Christian life. The Eagle building nests stands for rewards dished out from heaven. In another parable: Jesus compares the Kingdom of heaven to yeast with which a woman makes bread. The loaves of bread made from the yeast refer to spiritual fruit. Again Jesus says that the kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. This treasure is found by a trespasser who on finding it sells everything to purchase it. God urges us to discover the value of Heaven and Eternity and to stay away from Sin and Hell. Again Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a fishing net. After the catch the immaculate ones are separated from the ones filled with grime. Christ exhorts us to live in moral purity and remember in your hearts that he is God who is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Today is a big bumper lottery draw. I pray to Christ to part the Red Sea for me, to do a wedding at Cana, to perform the miracle of feeding 5000 with 2 Loaves and 5 Pieces of fish. If this be God’s will then let it happen and I won’t bear any rancor against God if it doesn’t come my way.
I found the art of giving form to the novel and it was an act of serendipity. A novel can be written as a journal entry. Trivial incidents are birthed into epiphanies. There’s the tendency of the novelist to flirt with tropes. Character is transubstantiated with intrusions into personality and also by bringing out biographical nuances. The architecture of prose lies in ornamenting the language. Ego is an exaggerated hyperbole. Style emerges from the body of thoughts.

I give my oblation to God. Each day is a poem, a painting, a beautiful texture of prose and I am filled with thankfulness.

Figures of Speech

Tropes are literary paintings—an art form. Morning serenaded the sky as music Worms bit into the mind. I saw the sky shaped like a brain. Saw the sky with V and I think it is going to be a victory for me at last. Lord Jehovah Jesus part the Red Sea every day for me. Jesus does the wedding at Cana for me every day. My magic wand is a pen and a huge windfall. The sky is lying like a rosary. The brook sang softly. The prose of the earth rumbled. On Sunday Quakers went to church. I made music on her body. I woke up with the song of love. Freedom you have chains to conquer. To think is to be like Socrates in wisdom. A psyche danced in the air. My loins are a flower blossomed. Tropes are literary paintings. Birds kissed the sky in the evening. Soul, you are a beautiful blossomed flower. Lord makes my purse into a prosperous machine. Ritual of happiness lies in the soul. Love is a poem and lust is a faded flower. Liberty you have a tooth to grind. If luck is named after a lady then blessing is named after a man. Lord passes on the baton of hope to me. I licked her lake and it became a flower of beauty. My feelings are tender as a lamb. Tree of Life— I hope for an eternity in you. Luck is canoe that rows through the lake of hope. Ill luck I have strangled you. A trope of a kiss and hug woke me up this morning. Liberty you have left me speechless. Racial hate is an enemy of color and religious intolerance is a monster of ill begotten faith. I am walking train of thought. The muses have opened their art of a heart to me. Indonesian clove cigarettes are a tropish delicacy. Truth is the WORD GOD that became FLESH. The sky lay like a palette of colors.