March 20th 2019

I had a good sleep thanks to my prayers to Christ. Chatterboxes gossiped in the sky. The sun arose in the sky and filled it with a poem of colors. The day passed on slowly as an ant that crawls.

I was reading the Gospel of Mathew and I read the Parable of the Seed. The parable of the seed is an idiomatic and metaphoric. I asked God to equip me with its interpretations. I would like to humbly put down some thoughts. Jesus said. There was a planter who sowed the seed on open ground. The seeds miscarried due to the coming of birds that ate up the seeds. This is an illustration of those hearing the word: but are deaf and immune to it. These are people who do not believe in the word. Then Jesus said: the next bunch of seeds fell on gravel and these seeds could not grow roots and they withered away. Here are people who worship Jesus and the Devil. Here we find the apostates. The next of the seeds fell on weeds and the weeds chocked their growth. These are sinful, profligate people who given themselves to the Devil. Then Jesus said: a cluster of seeds fell on to fertile ground and it reaped rich fruit. The fruit are people who adhere and believe the Word.

I also read a few pages of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The story begins with Buendia facing a firing squad and is then proceeded to past as a flashback. Buendia is a strange eccentric character who is fascinated with scientific instruments like the compass, sextant, and the magnifying glass bought by the gypsies. He is fascinated with the idea of obtaining gold from the bowels from the earth. Buendia can be compared to Quioxote due to his strange and wonky ways. They live in a village called Macondo. Macondo is an idiom for people living in age of the past with and people obsessed with strange and quirky ways.

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