20th March 2019

I started writing this journal in the evening. I watch twilight drowning in an array of colors. Then all of sudden, clouds darkened and it seemed that it will rain. 21st March 2019 is a big day of my life for me. I have purchased the Kerala Lottery Summer Bumper draw of Rupees 4 Crores. I hope that Jehovah Jesus will do a wedding at Cana for me. I am watching the clouds attain a pale face. Night is slowly coming to sleep on the horizon. My mind is soaked in the rich impressionism of the setting sunset. Today I was able to do some creative writing. I have read another Parable of Jesus and in it: a planter sows seeds: the enemy comes at night and sows thistles. The workers ask the master: should we eliminate the thistles now? Then the master replies that let them both grow together and during the harvest time: the master will separate the rotten from the hunky dory. It is evident that the Master (Jesus) is talking about his second coming. And when the master comes the succulent will be separated from the thorns. I admire the tapestry of marvel, a literary device with which Jesus addressed the crowds. I am thinking of a language lab to better the speech of the children in English. I am still reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez. I wonder why the novel became an all time favorite, a recipient of the Nobel Prize. The novel is set on an 18 century foundation and its narrative is the traditional form of the Novel. The tropes used by Marquez lack new flavor, an odor of nascence. The narrative is one of realism and proceeds on a linear pattern. However I admire the way in which Marquez portrays eroticism. There’s a scene in which Buendia makes love to a Gypsy woman. Eroticism is a passionate music and Marquez has fielded the magic so well. The novel has attained the flavor of magic realism. There’s a description of Ursula the wife of Buendia seeing visions of a man murdered by Buendia. There’s also a narrative of the warlock Malequades dying in fever in Singapore. How can an 18 century novel transport it character to Singapore?

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