Journal March 19th 2019

I woke up with a strange dream; I dreamed of my grandparents and my school life. I had no luck with windfalls. I was able to publish a book of fiction called the Coven of Tales. I am feeling sad that I am getting few likes in Word Press. Writing is my passion and I will continue doing it. My writing is novel in form and an art in structure. What do I incorporate in my writing? I do add autobiographical nuances; I epiphanize trivial incidents; I play with the philosophy of language. Occasionally I write new Idioms and I pay with tropes. Today was a slow day and I did not have to take classes as the children were having their exams. How do I battle the ill of storm; I sway over it with a calm wind. I have started reading the book—A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I am reading the life of the Buendia family. I wonder why these novels attain so much acclaim. It won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Nobel Prize for Literature is very writer’s dream. By writing I travel to exotic places, make love to many women in my imagination, and also taste many cuisines. I am in joy with writing. The time is evening now. The robes in sky are shining a pale orange ecstasy. I have to kick the habit of smoking. I need God’s help to do it. I have made a prayer request of all what I want to accomplish this year 2019. It says in the Bible: ‘Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find: Knock and the door will be opened’.


I awakened her flower and it blossomed with ecstasy. Luck you come like a thief at night. Angst is the cancer of emotion. Luck reside in me and make me your house. Poems on the meadow are green. Communist Party of India, you are dead idol. Windfall, pollinate a seed for me. The crockery of writing is the pen. I have killed the dragon of bad luck. Time is an enigmatic beast that moves forwards. When will life dance a tune for me? The sky lay in scarlet velvet, erotic pink and golden melodies. Emotions are the software of the mind. I wrote on her body, a beautiful poem of art. He is a poisonous snake, out to seek vengeance on everybody. The lake lay like a tranquil dream. The past is a desert: the present a cuisine: the future a delicacy. Every storm has a calm in the end. Morning is speaking in colors. The wind whispered a song. What if legs could speak of all the travels done? Pain, you are broken rock of the body. I am watching a windfall: there it has perched on body with the wings of a sumptuous bonanza. Joy and sadness are the twins of the mind. I don’t economize my desires: I luxury them. Christ Jesus Jehovah do a ‘wedding at Cana’ for me. Let me immerse in the pool of luck. Windfall—when will I be able to feast on your cornucopia? When fiction becomes life: an epiphany is created. I mourn for my father who is asleep. The sky sang an aromatic duet in the evening. Poems saturated my heart. My loins are a lit candle. I want to be prodigal to celebrate life. Life is the trinity: the Father being ecstasy: the son being angst and the holy ghost being catharsis. My bank account has to have plenty of green trees in it. I treat language as a metaphor of life. Her erotic body was a tremulous music. Karma is the paradox of making choices. Money is a green plant that I have to grow. Passions are a river run deep. Her pussy was a cathartic river. Tombs are monuments of the soul. Jesus you are the marvel, a word that became flesh: a crucifixion that became man and a resurrection that became God. I want to live my life with poetic dreams. Windfall is manna pouring from Heaven. Eternity is a God that lives with time. Rain is pouring like a symphony. We made love like a musical poem. My mind is house that writes. A dream woke me up with good luck. A bard is floating through the sky. The sky lay like an opera. Making love is an art of poetry. Angst is a caged beast. He tuned the guitar and the organ. India has won the series by 2 runs. Jewels twinkled in the sky. Pearls lay in the brook. Colors are whispering in the dusk. The sky stretched out like a wet blanket. Morn woke me up with a beautiful dream. Wind walked across the earth with gigantic footsteps. Poems flickered in the night. I hope that my pen will have the grace of a magic wand. Jehovah Jesus paid a premium for my soul. The tornado shouted onto the land. The sea vomited on to the coast. The body is sweet passion of sexuality. I buried my disappointment in a coffin. My body is the blemish of sin and I want the savior to make it snow-clean. My sperm is sweet as sugar. I have a garland of desires: so listen Universe be kind to me. How lucky it would be if I can live like King Solomon. Life is Dionysian ecstasy: Sisyphean angst and Apollonian Catharsis. There’s no chance in luck: there’s only a miracle. Every torn lottery ticket is song of angst. Come on darling: let’s do erotic poetry.

Lexical Polygamy

Lexical Polygamy is: rather than searching for contextual meaning of the text: you have to appropriate the meaning of the text into your own life. For me, I have done a lexical polygamy of three verses from the Bible. They are: ‘ask and it shall be received: seek and you shall find: knock and the door shall be opened. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. The Lord God has said: I will give you (Anand) the treasures of darkness: the riches hidden in secret places so that you (Anand) will know that I am the God of Israel who has called you by your name’. Lexical Polygamy is a mantra: a positive spell to step into a positive frame of mind.

New Idioms

Go melody and rhythm it is an idiom that I have coined and it means do something superbly and fantastically. When you write a novel: go melody and rhythm it.

Babyied it is an idiom and it means writing treating someone in a loving manner. I have babyied it with my wife.

Alarm Bells Ringing
Alarm Bells Ringing as an idiom means to have a chronic ailment. The cancerous body of his is alarm bells ringing.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden as an Idiom means, being free from worries. How wonderful life would be if it is a Garden of Eden.

We all read the shocking, hate killings made in New Zealand. Killings especially of this kind based on racial hate or religious fanaticism are known as an idiom as Zombiefication. Zombiefication made in New Zealand is condemnable. Schools should devise texts which condemn zombiefication and develop curriculum that promotes religious and racial harmony.

Journal March 18th 2019

Today morning I had two remarkable dreams. Early morning I saw a Serpent, I saw its lissome body moving gracefully. I interpret this dream as an awakening of sexual energy. May be I will have quicker erections and longer ejaculations. Then I saw a horde of govt. revenue stamps. I take it as a positive sign that I will win the first prize for a lottery. Revenue stamps are needed to file in the returns for the lottery. Today all the 9th graders wished for my birthday. I felt so thankful and felt like owning a bosom heart. I was able to engage the 9th graders meaningfully as I took the lesson grid map interpretation. I failed at the lottery but I have surge of enthusiasm in my heart as God Jehovah Jesus will accomplish great things in my life. There’s a chunk of property near the church and I enquired the price and if it’s going to be sold. My mother has gifted me with a school and I am planning to develop kindergarten, primary and middle school there. As far as 2019 is concerned it’s going to be a great year for me, and I feel thankful to God for all his blessings. I started reading the Gospel of Mathew and in it Jesus says: ‘words are very powerful: take them seriously’ Yes, I agree with Jesus that words have the potent to transmute to meaning. Thus goeth the adage: you ‘must say: what you want to make’. I also read the parable of the seed. It’s a beautiful parable applicable to life. Jesus says: that some seed fell on the road and the birds came and ate it up: some fell on gravel and those did not have root to grow and they perished: some fell amongst weed and the weed choked it up: some seed fell on ground and grew into healthy trees which yielded good fruit. Jesus is a metaphor for a language that leads to healthy life. In him the word is fulfilled. All negative thoughts, angst of the mind are unhealthy language, a metaphor for deviltry. Stay clear of them. It says in the gospel of Mathew that when Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees on his divinity: he said: he will be like the prophet Jonah who spent three nights and days in the stomach of whale. He will lie in the grave for three nights and days and then resurrect to heaven. 3 is a magical mystical number and it’s most prominent one is the signature of divinity—the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost. Again three stands for the 12 tribes of Israel which is 2+1=3. Strange is puzzling and intricate connection.