Morn floated in like a gentle breeze. I woke early in the morn to appreciate nature. Poems glided in the sky. Clouds lay scattered in various hues. I felt happy with myself. I had an Epicurean breakfast. My significant other is a Filipino and I miss her company very much. I thank the Lord God Jehovah for all the good things he has done in my life. I am trying to write some tropes. A Lily twinkled in the sky. I dreamed about my favorite writer Jorge Luis Borges. I love the story Aleph. I keep repeating Isaiah 43:1: ‘The Lord God Jesus Jehovah says, I will give Anand Bose the treasures of darkness and the riches hidden in Secret Places so that he Anand Bose will know that I am the Lord God of Israel who has called him by his name’. I have applied to so many places but I am not getting any reply. I don’t have any savings and I get money to meet both ends. Windfalls don’t elude me. I am grasping luck. Why is lady luck so far away? I am writing novel which is based on my daily experiences. Most of it is in journal form. I coin epiphanies and tropes. I have caught the elusive Proteus so that I will be blessed with luck. Yes, I hope this day will be a good one. What is art? Art is catharsis and ecstasy and angst. Art is the poetry of making love. Time is a beautiful stream pouring its luck on me. Morning wore a sunny face. I am remembering my significant other and how we made love in Kuala Lumpur. The bed became verses of poetry. We had the ecstasy of having many orgasms. I am man full of emotion and passion. Time bring on good luck on your wings. A psyche is perching on flowers. The grandeur of the morning is brining delicious memories. I am a poet at heart, a literature of the soul and musical spirit. Years back I had a strange dream: I saw a ship full of blind people stretching out their hands and the ship was floating on a sea of eyes. It is said in Isaiah that the ‘blind receive their sight’. News lies in an ironic News Paper. I am blind to my angst. Passion is the soul of beauty. Curry is the broth of the mind. Soul is a passionate river. Making love is like playing a cello. Marx is metaphor buried in ruins. Beautiful soul…your lips are the wine of Persia…a your body is like a gazelle….Let me plant devoted kisses on you….let me watch you undressed …..Are you aroused? I am ready to so poetry on you. Art is a mantra of life. Sex is a tantric religion. I am having a difficult time getting erections. I have to get rid of smoking. I am surprised that the Lord God Jehovah called Jacob a nation: Israel. When will Jesus Jehovah part the red sea for me? When will fish in the mouth occur to me? When will my dreams come true? Today I hope to get a large sum of money through a windfall. We have beautiful rooster called Greenie. It’s so friendly that it comes near us. I enjoy patting it. I have coined a nonsensical word and here it is: ORIGINARYKINEMATORICORGANRY. Teaching Qatar was a worst experience for me. I did my best but the principal and the management were not happy with me. So I had to resign and come back home. Yesterday a former student called me and said I have been a great teacher and she remembers the Animal Farm that I taught her so vividly. I am happy that some students value my teaching efforts. My daughter went through a rough patch in life and she has been delivered. My greedy sisters have become a bother. They are scheming against my wife and they want the property of the school. The school is an inheritance given to me by mother. I have started doing workouts. And I feel that I have lost some weight. I have stopped watching porn and I have deleted all the nude photos. I long to go the Philippines. Visa requirements state that a bank balance is needed and I don’t have any money in the bank. So what will I do? I don’t know. When will God fill my purse with money? I hope he will perform a miracle. I am poem of words. Writing is the heart’s imagination. I hope all my wishes get satisfied. The Father is the seed; the son the tree and fruit the Holy Ghost. Every day I manage to write 1000 words. I hope for today’s lottery draw I will get 5000 Rupees for the numbers 0999. Luck and Hope combined makes a new word: Lucope. I must have plenty lucopes in life. I am having a problem with Erection. I must ask Got to remove the problem from my life. Elections are round the corner. I hope the Congress party wins with a big bang. I will be voting for the Congress party as they are very liberal and secular. Pakistan is meddling in the internal affairs of India and is planting terrorists in her soil. I miss Indonesian clove cigarettes, bebek (Duck curry) and grilled fish. I loved being Indonesia. I have lived for two years there. Indonesian clove cigarettes have an aroma so sweet…they melt in the mouth like candy. Yes, I miss smoking them. I am wanting to travel off to far of places. Bali is one of my favorite destinations. Bali has Indonesian cuisine as a delicacy. Bali is the home of Hinduism and Jazz. The women of Bali are so pretty. Yes, I long to make love to the women of Bali. Jazz is poetry of the soul. I long to frolic on the beaches of Bali.