I had a pleasant sleep and I woke early. I can’t resist reading horoscopes and I did. I am anticipating for the good things to happen in my life. I want to win a windfall to sleep with a whore. Heard a lizard squeak and in India it’s a superstition that what you are thinking comes true. I was at that moment thinking about winning lotto. It’s been many a day since I have had sex. I long for a sexual encounter. Poems clung on to the sky. Colors embraced the sky in the morning. Songs flew across the sky. Though I am having no luck, Lord I am thankful for a blessed morn. I want to go to UAE and buy bumper lotto. Every day I anticipate a lottery win but nothing of that sort happens. Lord, make the winning of a lottery come true. Life is poetry in the existential fruit of a becoming. I have a Skype interview coming up on the 8th for Eritrea. I hope to be successful. I need a well paid job to sustain me. My ex girlfriend is haunting me with memories. Many say that she has passed away. I am feeling sad that I was not able to copulate with her. Her breasts were soft and succulent and I enjoyed licking and sucking them. I cherish my first kiss with her. It was like honey floating on wings. How lucky it would be if life brings our expectations to fruit. Life should dance according to our tunes. Life is music, an enigma, a mystery. What I write is sperm overflowing into a cunt. I have stopped watching porn and I deleted all nude pictures from my phone. Dear Fairy Godmother will luck be with me for today. Let the numbers 3500 fetch a prize of five thousand rupees. Swish your magic wand on to the machine and let these numbers fall for a draw. I am wanting to read the many books that I have bought. I am writing my own horoscope for the year 2019. 2019 will bless me with many windfalls. I will be able to publish many poems, novels and articles on philosophy. I will be having a happy year. My bank balance will overflow. I will have many sexual encounters and I would live my life well. I would get opportunities to travel and visit countries. I will be the goose that forever lays golden eggs. Astrologers fuck off. How dare you cast my fate with ill luck! Get lost and fuck off. My life is mine to live. The stars are not my fate. My life is my existence and you can’t put your flesh and pound in it. 2019 will be a year of fame and recognition. I am going to be a Harry Potter of writing.

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