Daily Journal

I have changed my medication and I am sleeping better. My wife is a bitch who isn’t interested in Sex. I watched the birds floating gently in the sky. What an opera it was. I did a workout and I feel so refreshed. Today I need to win a windfall and I need the money to pay a whore and enjoy poetry. I have fixed up an appointment with a whore on Monday. Astrologers are fucking assholes and they don’t predict anything good to happen. How much I long for a home, an SUV. I want to live separately free from my nagging wife. I have a wife who isn’t interested in SEX. Sad to say my significant other lives far away from me in Ghana. I have been able to publish books one a poetry and the other a novel. I feel so happy about it. There is a Summer Bumper lottery carrying the prize of 40 Million Rupees. I hope I can win it. I back-slided from Christianity and I am worshiping the Devil and the Gods of the Masons and the Illuminati. Christianity is a righteous religion very hard to follow. Now I have realized that my vocation is to be a writer. I long to lead a retired life and spend the rest of the days in writing. How much I long for booze and a good fuck. I am 48 now and I am tired of teaching. I am paid a pittance as salary. I hope good times will come to me in my life. Life is a vehicle of poetry. The veins are a hyperbolic exaggeration. Life is lived on the planes of angst and ecstasy. My heroes are Philosophers, Poets and Novelists. I have a bipolar disorder. I am also schizophrenic. Life is a melody of music. Speech is dance propelled. I want wishes to dance to my tunes.


Mr. Lucifer was preparing the news report on the Murder of Prof Ioan Couliano. Prof. Ioan Couliano, professor of religions was found with a bullet in the head in the bathroom. Police are yet to fathom the murderer. There are many possible theories. One is that he was murdered by the members of the sect called the CULT. Professor Ioan Coulinao had published a book Eros Magic Mystery and Murder during the Renaissance and in it the secrets of the cult were revealed. Another conjecture was that the Professor was murdered by the secret security of the country called Territoria which had a Communist regime. The Professor had written highly inflammable articles criticizing the country. After writing the article he sighed in pleasure. Yes he was loyal to the SECT and so he had put the professor to sleep.