Sayings of a Rabbi

Don’t lie to one self. Better a little than never a great. God spoken word is a book being read. Even if the flesh is weak: the Spirit is strong. Don’t pollute your soul with Sin. The Hammer and the Sickle though dead live in the land of Kerala. Kerala is like the shape of a leaf. Seasons are the soul of the earth. Truth is the Crucified and the resurrected. Sin is poisonous flower. Oh Lord: when will hope become luck? I am proud of Christ—the God how loves me. God Christ wrote the drama of love, peace, joy and redemption. God Christ’s blessings are what no man or woman can hear see or feel. Sleep is an elixir that God Jesus gives. The intimacy of a wife is also a gift from God. Patience is the soul of hope. Hope is he beginning stages of a river and grace and blessing where the river empties into the sea. Devil go away from my body; you have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Life on earth is grace and Heaven a blessing. Clouds are a cluster of poems. Beauty I have found in you a mate—you are Christ my God. Hope you have to become luck all the time. I have built a wall that cannot be penetrated by sin. Effort is Rome that was not built in a day. There’s no condemnation in Christ there’s only glorification. Frozen meat walked out of the refrigerator. Lust is night’s flower withered at dawn. There’s a house who looks after me well. All you need is the presence of God in your life. Lord brim my cup with blessing. The BLOOD of CHRIST is a cure for all afflictions. Will a Cinderella’s shoe happen today in my life…OH GOD PLEASE. Angst I am being carried on the shoulders of cheer. Life is a tortoise of effort and not a hare of laziness. Lord make: the life of the word to live in me. The soul is the heart of God: woe to all who sell it to the Devil. Oh Lord Jehovah Jesus let 2019 be a year of Wisdom and Blessing. Patience is a fruit that yields a fortune. The power of WILL is like that of a mountain.


I met her on a dating site. She is white and told me that she is in Ghana. I felt nothing fishy. She started communicating with me on Whatsapp. Then I realized that her English was broken. She refused to answer me on phone. Then she asked me for 200$ and I sent her 100$. Now she is demanding 600$. I have decided that I will not be conned anymore. Most of the women in dating sites are scammers.

March 31st 2019

Morn was a sweet lullaby of colors—the sky became an art of painting—petals danced in the sky singing Beethoven’s Sonata. I thank God for this beautiful morn and I feel so wonderfully blessed.
I was reading into the Gospel of Mathew and I was able to finish reading. The Crucifixion made me said. He came to his own and his own did not recognize him. I quote Christ’s words: ELOI ELOI LAMA SABCHITNAI: why Oh God have you forsaken me?

For many years I have lived like the Prodigal Son and I returned back to the father and he has embraced me with joy.

I am recollecting my days when I lived in a Catholic asylum. I was into heavy boozing. Then I got drunk at the airport and I got arrested by the Police. They pulled my finger so hard that the steel implant in it displaced. I was in great pain. Next morning they released me and I called up my wife and she took me hospital and I had no clue as to what was happening. I was given an injection and I passed out. It is only when morning came, I realized that I was in an asylum. The male nurses there were brutal and used to beat me and used foul language. Catholics are cruel bastards.


Narratives about Art
I would like to analyze Dali’s painting: The Persistence of Memory. In it clocks are melting and are placed on embryos. Surrealism is an art that mingles fantasy with reality. The embryo is symbolic of Oedipal Narcissism. The melting clocks are symbolic are symbols of consciousness. They are also the symbolic of individuals who want to live cozily and comfortably.


Next I would like to take Gauguin’s Painting watching the dead. The girl is sexually fecund and the ghost is symbolic of sexual seduction.

YW4-2780946 - © - Bjanka Kadic

There’s a painting of Delvaux called the Call of the Night. Dried up leaves are Symbolic of sexual bareness. There’s a woman who’s face and head are covered. Then there’s a woman standing outside a cave. This could possibly represent sexual initiation.

Next I would like to introduce Picasso’s paintings the Guernica and the Whores of Avignon. The whores of Avignon reveal that Picasso is a child of oedipal narcissism. The violent distortion of the bodies may be a representation of male chauvinism. Do you notice that Guernica is laden with animal figures bearing incongruous faces and this possibly shows the violence of the terror that was used.


Next I would like to show Rodin’s Thinker a celebrated piece of sculpture. Rodin’s sculpture: The Thinker is a symbol of aggressive masculinity. The Thinker is viciously analytical. Notice how the body is stiff.


Next I would like interpret Van Gogh’s painting the Sower. The sower has its origins in the New Testament. The bright smudges of colors are reminiscent of mind that wants to paint the unconventional.

March 30th 2019

Evening was a beautiful poem with lights cascading an aroma of splendor; poems were sung in the sky with tiny wings; God is the beauty of creation. I thank God for all his wonderful creation.

There was a black eye at night. Yes, there were some twinkling gems. I could hear the tweet of birds, their lovely chirps emanating from nests. I had a passionate time on bed.

Morning woke me up with singing of beautiful things. The clouds were shaped like waves. The sunrise is a marvel poet going up. I had mom’s freshly brewed tea. A lot of creative thoughts stormed my mind.

I read into the Gospel of Mathew and it Christ said he would come with bastion of angels and separate the sheep from the goats.
This is what Christ said of Sheep. When I was hungry you gave me food. When I was thirst you gave me drink. When I was sick you visited me and when I was prison you came to see me. There’s reward for you in Heaven. The Sheep are the true Christian folk and they are the compassionate ones.

This is what Christ said of the goats. When you were hungry you did not feed me, when I was thirsty you did not give me water to drink. When I was sick you did not visit me. When I was in prison, you did not come to see me. You are the ones who are not chosen to go to Heaven. You will be condemned to be in Hell.

IFP is the credentials of Indian Fanatic Party. IFP has banned religious worship in all schools. However they said schools should keep idols of Hindu Goddesses and Gods as part of culture. Is the stand taken by the IFP culturally right?

Lexigraphy formed from Lexis (meaning) and Graphy (Writing) is the conversion of one figure of speech into another. Lexigraphy is a new figure of speech. Here are some examples. She is a thin stick is a metaphor. She is thin like a stick is a simile. Let’s convert a parable of Jesus into an idiom. Here is the famous parable of the Unjust Judge. An old woman appealed to this judge for justice but he paid no heed. But the lady did not give up. She was persistent in her appeal and finally the judge acceded. As an Idiom the Parable of the Unjust Judge means achieving or accomplishing something finally at last as result of persistence and prayer. When will the Unjust Judge Happen in My life?

There’s a famous phrase in the Bible: ‘The Word Became Flesh’ and it is referred to Christ who embodied his spiritual self as God in a mortal body. The Word Became Flesh as an idiom means loyalty, obedience and purity to God. Our bodies should be a word became a flesh.

I would like narrate my experiences with pornography here. My experience with porn started when I was 8 or 9. There was a comic Mandrake and in it was a beautiful woman Aleena. I became enamored of her and I started masturbating. I used to masturbate on the pillow and on top of a bucket turned down. When I was 12 I used to rummage the pornographic books hidden by father. I used to devour them intense lust. Then I became acquainted with porn movies. And later on with coming of the internet I was addicted the lesbian pornography. The mystery of the sacred feminine fascinated me. Coming to Christ, I have completely buried all my outings with porn. I now a clean person and I have my wife and I am contented with her. Yes porn is a sin and I want it no more in my life.

I would like to narrate my experiences in falling love. I felt in love with girl called Sheeba who was doing her college with me. I was very shy but she gave smiles whenever she used to see me. I finally broke ground and mustered the courage to speak to her. She was living in hostel and she used to go out on weekends to visit her guardians. So one day we went on train. She took her palms and put in mine. Oh how beautiful it felt. Her hand was smooth as velvet. Later on we went out for a movie and we kissed in rapture. I could fondle her passionate breasts and told our parents that we wanted to get married. She used to live in a remote Island of India called Port Blair. Once she came to Kerala and that time I had an air ticket to her place and went. She came back to her place and when she met me, she developed displeasure. Our connection a strong one 3 years was broken up because I did not heed to her words. I have tried searching for her everywhere, on social media but she is nowhere to be found. Someone told me she died in an accident. She has a special place in my heart. I feel so sorry that our marriage did not take place.

Let me also narrate a story about my significant other from the Philippines. I don’t know how we met. She was much older to me and she developed an interest in my writing and used to encourage me with it. I have spent days with her and I have made sweet poetry with her. I do regret all of it now since I have turned to Christ as it says in the Bible that adultery is a sin. We do communicate with each other and she keeps on tempting me to visit her. I am now fully in Christ and I vowed not to sin.

Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

Oh God Christ blossom my pen into a flower of fame. God is the ideal of all governments. Lord let me taste the luck of fortune. Beauty thy form is God and content, the word becoming flesh. I value God Christ, far more than the muses for my creative thoughts. Oh Lord Christ let me body be not cast into the net of temptation. The blossomed flower, the chanting of the brook, the seasons of change, (God I long to see them) are hymns of nature—a poetry for the soul. Don’t make your soul a shallow stream. The WORD of God is honey for the soul. Addiction is the habit of a demon. Don’t be a beast that harbors grudge. I have stopped living in the land of adultery. Patience is the seed, passion the tree and victory is the fruit. God is there to walk with me when I am having storms. Communism is a dead idol that lives in the land of Kerala. God is the pillar of forgiveness and love. Don’t knock on the doors of a harlot. Eroticism is God’s gift and lust is the devil’s temptation. Victory—I am patience waiting for you to happen. My God Christ is a living God, a God of Love, Truth and Grace. Grip the images of pornography and hurl them out of your mind. The brook murmured sweetly. In every desert of disappointment there’s an oasis of hope. Meditate the tune of nature and she will give you a song to sing. Rhythms and Melodies are the epiphanies of God. Don’t live to make others smile. Your greatest friend is the one who shows you your shortcomings. Pride has the vanity of a fang. Celebrate nature: she is a beautiful song. Emulate God rather than celebrities and you will find that life is good. Good company is melody for the soul. Lord thank you for forgiving my transgressions in you I sin no more. A blessing from God is better than large sums of Money. The clouds were bearing the veils of happiness. Oh Lord Christ, give me the grace to see grandchildren. Hope is the song of the heard. When you are tempted: turn to God. Anger, covetousness and envy all are hell’s damned offerings: partake not in them. Oh God Christ: master architect of the Universe, you are symphony so divine. Teach me OH LORD CHRIST to have FAITH as SMALL AS A MUSTARD SEED: Apply the same in my daily life. Make music out of life. A walk with nature is like Guitar whose strings are being plucked. Wear the clothes of goodness. Let peace be your soulful friend. Learn from life: remember the past: anchor the present and hope the future. Let not the witches of despair cloud your life. The Parables of Jesus abound in Wisdom. Lord Christ do not make me wait in vain. Lord Christ: I am asking in hope and I hope what I ask shall be received. Hell is a monster and Heaven a God.