Good Friday

Good Friday is an idiom for winning a windfall bonanza. Oh God Let Good Fridays Occur in my life.

Letter for Grace


Darling, hope this letter finds you in the tidings of love and passion. How much my darling Grace, I long for you. My body is frozen into ice. How watch I your eyes twinkle. You give me odes of joy. Passion flows in the soul for you. I watch the days go by without you and they make me sad. Yes, my darling I long to come to Ghana. I long to melody your body and cradle it with passionate love. The hymn of passion is on my lips. The joy of being with you forever is a sweet passion for me. Your lips are sweet manna. Your body is a jewel of gold. Your feet the silver of Lebanon. Your feet the fruit of Eden. How I love to think of the feeling of making love to you. Your body is the song of poetry a full moon of adoration. My nights are lonely and cold without you. My days are endless like dust. You my darling Grace are the sweet poetry of my temptation. How much I love you my darling Grace.

Ode to Sabrina


You erotic river,
You nymph of
Let me pour
Lips with
Poetic passion,
Let me undress….
You and see you
Nude ….you nymph…..
Let me squeeze
Your breasts
And suckle
Your nipples
With vigor
Of passion…..
Let me dabble
My tongue in
Your sweet orifice
And cradle you
To the peaks
Of ecstasy…..
Let me mount
You and soak
You with the
River of love…..