It feeds my
Brain …..
The farting
I am tormented
And troubled…..
My existence
Is a vacuum …..
Bad luck
Why are
You a disease
That’s plaguing me….
Why am I
Deeply distressed?
Woe is my brother
And angst my sister …..
Ironies leave me
Alone you bastard….

Daily Journal

Woke up quite early. Traveled to the town to buy cigarettes ….saw the beauty of dawn …the sky arrayed in many colors …..birds floating gently as a poem……I was filled with joy…..bought lottery tickets…my Pisces horoscope predicted that: a lot of money gains will come your way….lucky is considerably favorable on your side…..worshiped Lucifer, Mammon and Ahriman. Got into a tiff with my wife. I want to divorce the fucking bitch …that fucking whore. She is really a pain in the neck. Arranged marriages are a fucking waste. That silly old fart wants to confine me in a psychiatric asylum. She …the bitch has done that thrice. Yes, I want to retire from work and lead a contented life as a Writer Artist. In my dream I saw chocolate. I searched the dream dictionary and it said that I will encounter something that is good and lucky. My wife is a beastly cunt. She never sucks my dick. Before penetrating her, I give her many orgasms with my tongue. She never even washes her cunt properly. Yes I have to live with my significant other. I long to travel to places and countries. I am 48 years old and I am tired of working. With Lucifer’s help I can lead a comfortable life and I want to devote the rest of my life to writing. My worldview keeps changing. I am really confused. Should I worship the devil of God? Yesterday I got a small windfall. I thanked the Devil for it.