Letter to a Lover

Your letter filled me with so much warmth. I have instantly taken a liking for you. My love for you fills me with poems of the heart. Beauty echoes a treble, a chorus of melodies of the heart. I am a poet at heart and if I have food for my romantic soul, I am a happy person. I call you in a poem and caress you with guitar strings of the heart. Your feelings are so profound, so majestic, so filled with grandeur. I would love to satisfy all your desires of the heart, body and soul. I would love the mornings to wake up with you, with you lying in my chest….and flowing you with sweet kisses. Yes, I would love to make coffee for you and watch the beautiful colors of the sun with you. I would love to write poems for you and sedate you with love. Yes, I am dazzled by your beauty, your soul full of love. I hope you can come here to Kerala and visit me.

5 thoughts on “Letter to a Lover

  1. These letters are still here. I wonder what happened to tour promise to delete. You are a good poet and author but you also cannot divide the line between personal and otherwise.i believe in poetic license but your poemas are a give away and manifest to whom you attribute them


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